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Help Walks-Softly with a personal matter.
Faction: Thieves Guild
Quest Giver: Note from Walks-Softly in the Thieves Den
Location(s): Abah's Landing, Velmont Estate
Prerequisite Quest: The Long Game
Next Quest: Everyone Has A Price
Reward: Unidentified Bahraha's Curse Head Armor
302 Gold
10 Thieves Guild RepReputation
XP Gain: Standard
Walks-Softly needs help dealing with a personal and delicate situation that involves an old friend from his past.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Meet Walks-Softly outside Velmont Estate in the upper district of Abah's Landing.
  2. Recover Walks-Softly's childhood keepsakes.
  3. Meet Walks-Softly in the Family Quarters.
  4. Take the Amulet.
  5. Go to the Balcony.
  6. Confront Anais Velmont.
  7. Escape the Estate.
  8. Talk to Walks-Softly at the Thieves Den.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

You can find a note addressed to you in the Den from Walks-Softly.

"A personal matter has arisen that requires a gentle touch. It involves an old friend and an incident from our past that we need to put behind us."
<Continue reading.>
"The delicate nature of this situation requires that I solicit aid from only a trustworthy companion. Therefore, your assistance would be most appreciated. Meet me near the Velmont Mansion and we can discuss this in more detail.
I should meet Walks-Softly in the upper district of Abah's Landing.

Quest Stages[edit]

Shell Game
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should meet Walks-Softly near the Velmont Mansion in Abah's Landing to find out more about this delicate situation.
Objective: Talk to Walks-Softly in the Upper District
Walks-Softly wants me to break into the Velmont Mansion and help him search for keepsakes that his friend Anais has held onto for all these years. We just need to be careful that we're not spotted.
Objective: Enter the Velmont Mansion
Walks-Softly wants me to search the mansion's courtyard and kitchen area for a few of the keepsakes from his time living here with Anais. As I search, I should take care to remain hidden so as not to attract attention.
Objective: Find Walks-Softly's Hatchling Shell Bracelet
Objective: Find Walks-Softly's Velmont Devotion Ring
I found two items that could be the keepsakes Walks-Softly was looking for. I should meet Walks-Softly in the family quarters of the mansion and see if there's anything else he wants to steal from Anais Velmont.
Objective: Meet Walks-Softly in the Family Quarters
Walks-Softly wants me to take the amulet so we can leave the mansion.
Objective: Take the Amulet
Walks-Softly would like to visit the balcony where he and Anais Velmont used to spend time playing when they were young.
Objective: Go to the Balcony
Anais Velmont approached us while we were on the balcony. She said some terrible things to Walks-Softly. I should confront her about this.
Objective: Confront Anais Velmont
I think we overstayed our welcome. Walks-Softly and I should leave Anais's family mansion immediately.
Objective: Escape the Estate
☑Finishes quest We made it out of the Velmont Mansion. Now I should return to the Thieves Den and speak to Walks-Softly about our meeting with Anais Velmont.
Objective: Talk to Walks-Softly at the Thieves Den
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