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Retail Assistant
Home City Brass Fortress
Race Factotum Gender
Reaction Friendly

The Retail Assistant is a former combat factotum that a Nord merchant, Mordrold, has been trying to re-purpose as a shopkeeper, to miserable and often amusing results. As the main quest progresses, so does their dialogue.


Mordrold: "And when a customer enters the store? What do we say?
Retail Assistant: "Welcome, citizen."
Mordrold: "Good! And when they ask how much something is? What do we say then?"
Retail Assistant: "Cease your actions, or you will be taken into custody."
Mordrold: "Shor's bones..."

Mordrold: "All right, you pile of bolts, lets run through it one more time."
Retail Assistant: "What am I running through?"
Mordrold: "Inventory of course."
Retail Assistant: "Understood. I will run through the inventory."
Mordrold: "Sovngarde take me now."
The factotum will then attempt to literally run the inventory through with its sword.

Mordrold: "Just do as I say, you skeever!"
Retail Assistant: "Reflecting... reflecting..."
Mordrold: "Wait, what are you doing now?"
Retail Assistant: "I am a factotum, not a large rodent, citizen."
Mordrold: "What?"
Retail Assistant: "A skeever is a large rodent. I am not a large rodent."

Retail Assistant: "Daedric threat detected."
Mordrold: "I already told you, you piece of scrap. Ain't no Daedra in Clockwork."
Retail Assistant: "Daedric threat detected in Clockwork City."
Mordrold: "Shut your metal trap before I sell you for parts."
Retail Assistant: "Combat initiation on standby."

After completing storyline:

Retail Assistant: "Daedric threat no longer detected."
Mordrold: "This again? I told you, ain't no Daedra in Clockwork!"
Retail Assistant: "Correct. There is no longer a Daedric threat in Clockwork City."
Mordrold: "Ain't ever a threat to begin with! Oh, you test my last nerve, you do."

When spoken to:

  • "How may I detain you today?"
  • "I will not harm you, citizen."
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