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Location Halls of Fabrication
Race Factotum Gender Male
Health Normal5998532Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile

The Reclaimer is a Factotum encountered together with the Reactor and the Reducer in the Halls of Fabrication. If near any of the other two constructs, they form a link which strengthens both of them. They should therefore be kept separate. At certain health thresholds (70%, 40%, and 20%), each of them will overcharge and be immune to all damage. Once all three enemies are overcharged, bringing them together will reverse that, allowing them to be damaged again.

The Reclaimer does not move during the fight, but stays at the center of the arena. During the fight, additional Ruined Factotums will spawn, and walk slowly to the Reclaimer. If they reach them, they will then run towards a player, where they will explode. It is therefore advised to kill the adds before they reach the Reclaimer. If the Reclaimer has been slain, the adds will explode immedeately after spawning.

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  • The Reclaimer's model predate the Series 7 Factotum model, which is why they use the Refabricated Style and have more Dwemer-inspired humanoid features.
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