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Location Sercen
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Rasha is a Redguard leading a group of mercenaries found in the Ayleid ruin of Sercen. She is Ariya's sister.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Sands of Sentinel[edit]

"If you wish to raid Sercen, wait your turn. Our claim takes precedence.
If you wish some coin, I offer a task."
What's the task?
"An old comrade abides in Cropsford. I have a gift for him, but I cannot deliver it."
What is it?
"Just a small pouch of sand. Hisham is my old comrade. He will surely pay for the delivery.
Cropsford is far and far from here—southeast of Castle Alessia. Consider that, wayfarer."
I'll do it.

You can then ask her more about the ruins.

"I hope that sand makes Hisham reconsider being a farmer. He should be wielding that old spiked mace of his rather than a shovel."
What is Sercen?
"An ancient Ayleid ruin beneath us. The entrance is shut by magic, but we will get in eventually. The legends speak of treasure inside."
Treasure?/You said "treasure" earlier.
"When I say "treasure," I expect junk and trash of no real value. You would not be interested.
Perhaps another site would hold your interest more."
Who or what were the Ayleids?
"I know only what scholars have told me. They were Elves who worshipped Daedra, enslaved and tortured others, and were vile beyond words. They died long ago, leaving behind ruins like Sercen."
What's in their ruins?
"One never knows until one is inside. Some hold naught but dust and cobwebs. Others contain shards of pottery and faded art. Great danger always awaits inside, as the Ayleids' evil lingers."

After the quest: "I hoped Hisham would be with you, if I saw you again. Fool is still clinging to his dream of farm life."