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Free several Pact prisoners from the Lion Guard and identify the turncloak.
Zone: The Rift
Quest Giver: Thragof
Location(s): The Lion's Den
Concurrent Quest: A Valuable Distraction
Reward: High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
Three Pact soldiers were kidnapped in the Lion's Den: Hilka, Hald, and Fjar. Their commander, Thragof, is certain one of them is a traitor. He has tasked me with identifying the traitor and freeing the others.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Collect the prisoner transcripts.
  2. Find the traitor and free the other prisoners.
  3. Report back to Thragof.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Speak with Thragof at the entrance to start the quest.

"Divines be praised, a friendly face! I've been hiding out here since the Covenant ambushed my team. They took three prisoners.
I tracked them to a nearby camp. I'd rescue them myself, but there's a slight wrinkle …."
What's that?
"One of them is a traitor. Has to be. They knew we were coming. Trouble is, I don't know which one, and I need someone to investigate.
You look capable. You willing to help me out?"
I can help. What do you need?
"Their names are Hilka, Hald, and Fjar. They were taken off to be interrogated.
Find out which one is the traitor and free the others — there should be interrogation transcripts up ahead. Leave the traitor to die. I'll meet you further up the hill."
I'll find those transcripts and single out a traitor.


You can learn more about each prisoner by reading documents in the camp. More accurate locations would be good.

Questioning the Prisoners[edit]

Once you have reached the prisoners, you can question each of them before making a decision.

Talking to Hilka, she has an attitude problem and doesn't get along with her commander:

"It's about time someone came after us. What are you waiting for? Set me free!"
Thragof said one of you is a traitor. What do you have to say for yourself?
"Don't be an idiot. What reason would I have to turn on the Pact?"
I saw a transcript of your interrogation. You hate your superiors.
"I hate everybody. I'm a misanthrope, not a traitor.
Listen, I can be a pain in the arse, but I'm a good soldier. I'd never betray the Pact. One of those two whining idiots has to be your man."
I'm untying you. Meet Thragof at the rally point.
"It's about time. I'm getting out of here."
Hold still.

Talking to Hald, he was previously captured by the Covenant and broke under torture.

"They came out of nowhere. Swarmed us."
Thragof sent me. He's sure one of you is a traitor. Is it you?
"What? That's insane! Their alchemist interrogated me three times. Tortured me! Why would he torture me if I was a traitor?"
I found a transcript of your interrogation. You gave the Lion Guard information.
"That was years ago, in Daggerfall! I was captured and tortured for days.
Yeah, I broke. But I didn't give them anything of real value. Certainly nothing that would be useful now."
I'm freeing you. Make for the rally point.
"Thank you! You won't regret this, I swear!"
It'll be just a moment.

Talking to Fjar, he is married to a Breton and the interrogators treat him more gently.

"You're a welcome sight. My toes are close to frostbitten!"
Thragof thinks one of you is a spy.
"That's ridiculous! Why would the Covenant tie up their own spy?"
I saw a transcript of your interrogation. Did Thragof know you were married to a Breton?
"Why would he care? My tailor's a Khajiit, but that doesn't make me a Dominion spy!
There's no conspiracy. We were ambushed, simple as that."
I'm freeing you. Make for the rally point.
"Eight be praised! I can't wait to see my family again."
Don't move.

After you have made your decision and freed two of the three prisoners, you can make your way back to Thragof.

Reporting back to Thragof[edit]

When you return to the entrance, the two prisoners you freed will say something to their commander as they arrive.

Hilka "Not rid of me yet, sir."
Hald "Returning to duty."
Fjar "Fjar, reporting in, sir."

You can then talk with Thragof and tell him who you left behind.

If you left Hilka behind[edit]

Talking with Thragof

"Two of my scouts came back. Who was the traitor?"
I left Hilka behind.
"It figures Hilka was the traitor. You know she tried to punch me out once? Well, I'm not going to shed any tears.
Thanks to you, I have my scouts back, and you gave me the cover I needed to secure their exit. You're a credit to the Pact."

If you left Hald behind[edit]

"Two of my scouts came back. Who was the traitor?"
I left Hald behind.
"So it was Hald? Damn. He was tortured years ago, in Daggerfall. I don't think he ever recovered. That's no excuse for treason, but it still makes me sad.
Thanks for your help. The Pact appreciates your loyalty."

If you left Fjar behind[edit]

"Two of my scouts came back. Who was the traitor?"
I left Fjar behind.
"Fjar? Really? I've known him for years, but I guess I didn't really know him at all. Makes me sad.
Thanks for your help. The Pact appreciates your loyalty."

You will then receive your reward of gold.

Quest Stages[edit]

Prisoner Dilemma
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to find the interrogation transcripts of the captured Pact soldiers in order to discern the traitor among them. Once I've done that, I should free two of the soldiers and leave the traitor to die.
Objective: Free the Loyal Prisoners
Objective Hint: Find the Interrogation Transcripts
(Stage Text depends on who is freed)

Hald and Hilka are free. I should head to the rally point.
Hilka and Fjar are free. I should head to the rally point.
Hald and Fjar are free. I should head to the rally point.

Objective: Talk to Thragof at the Entrance to the Lion's Den
☑Finishes quest I must tell Thragof who I left behind.
Objective: Talk to Thragof
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