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Princess Urenenya's Spirit
Location Silaseli Ruins
Race Ayleid Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Princess Urenenya's Spirit

Princess Urenenya's Spirit is an Ayleid spirit found at Silaseli Ruins during the quest Urenenya's Lament. She appears once the soul gem containing her soul is destroyed.

Related Quests[edit]


Princess Urenenya's Spirit "I-I'm free?"

Once her spirit is freed, she can be spoken to:

"For centuries I languished, trapped in the husk of that cold machine.
My dear Klathzgar; he only wanted us to be together. But once I was in the machine, I could no longer express my feelings. He may never have even realized I was conscious."
What happened to Klathzgar?
"I watched as he died, alone and miserable. I envied him though, for I knew I would be trapped in the centurion. And for centuries I was, until you freed me.
"You have my gratitude. I will rest now, join my family and perhaps, even, my long-lost love."