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Possessed Mantikora
Location Sanctum Ophidia
Species Mantikora
Health Normal10906420Veteran38810324 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Possessed Mantikora

The Possessed Mantikora is a mantikora found within Sanctum Ophidia. It glows green, having been possessed by the Serpent. It serves as the trial's first boss, and can be summoned by using the Nirncrux Altars at the red pool in the first chamber.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Charged Culminating Strike
Charged Punch
Causes hemorrhaging
Culminating Strike
Targets two players, and "popcorns" them. This ability causes an aoe to crawl out from under you. It strikes three times, and throws you into the air increasingly higher with each "pop". If you don't roll out of it, you're going to be killed by it on veteran.
Causes bleeding
Enraged Punch
Only occurs on veteran. One-shots everyone but the tank.

Combat Dialogue[edit]

  • "Sit."
  • "Die!"
  • "May your blood burn!"
  • "Slay them!"
  • "Weakling."
  • "Know your place!"
Upon creating a portal to The Serpent's Image
  • "Allow me to show you a vision of the inevitable."
  • "Your friends are receiving a taste of Nirn's future."
Group Wipe
  • "Your monuments will fall, along with your civilizations."
  • "Gaseous forms will replace air. Their very existence will dissolve your flesh."
  • "Under my guidance, the jungles will reclaim your shining cities."
  • "Dirt and sea will become gestating earth and primordial surf."
  • "The dormant fire will awaken, your people will perish—blinded and choked and consumed by flame."


  • This creatures main ability, "Quake", is one that pops most of the players in the air, colloquially known as "popcorn".
  • In the Veteran version of the trial, the Serpent's Image will at some point in the fight fly out of the Mantikora and dive into the ground, creating a portal to an island where those who enter must defeat the miniboss.
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