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Book Information
Collection Wrothgar Writings
Found in the following locations:
Old Snagara Breeding Guide
A word of advice to a breeder's replacement

If you're reading this, I'm probably dead, just like the last ten caretakers. The next caretaker should benefit from what I learned, so I'm writing it down.

You don't have that much to do. Just make sure that Old Snagara stays in her cage. Every few days, she plops out another cub. I don't know how the bull gets close enough to fulfill his part of the process, but he's very sneaky. One of the healers said that some animals don't need to follow the traditional method for getting pregnant, but I'm pretty sure she was just tugging on my tusk.

Safety tips:
1. Don't open the cage to brush or groom her. Old Snagara bites!
2. When a cub arrives, request assistance. You'll need at least a dozen hands to hold her still while you take it away.
3. Cage the cub quickly. They will run away.

Most important, don't slaughter a cub within sight of Old Snagara. The first caretaker did that. What she did to him after that wasn't pretty.

Stay safe, be well, and good luck. I hope I'm rich, fat, and retired by the time you read this. Instead of, you know, dead.