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Location Hubalajad Palace, Iron Wheel Headquarters, Volunidai's Manor
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health (?)
Other Information
Faction(s) Thieves Guild (Formerly)

Nicolas is the former guildmaster of the Thieves Guild in Abah's Landing. He was presumed dead after a failed heist in al-Danobia Tomb. He worked under the guise of the merchant lord "Cosh". He also posed as a painter named Vantus.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Prison Break[edit]

After you gain entry to the prison section of the Iron Wheel Headquarters, you can look for Zeira in the cellblocks. Instead, you will meet Nicholas.

Nicholas: "And who might you be?"

Talk with him to see what wants and knows.

"You certainly don't belong. Who are you, and why are you here?"
Tell me where I can find Zeira.
"Straight to the point. Very good.
I know where Chief Inspector Rhanbiq took Zeira. I'm willing to tell you. My only price is a single lockpick."
Why would I free you?
"I didn't ask you to free me. A single lockpick, from one thief to another. A tradition Zeira began, which means bad luck for her should you break it.
Ah, but we have company. And they seem … ambivalent to the idea."
Hold that thought.

While you were talking to Nicolas, Quen, Velsa and Walks-Softly will have appeared behind you.

Nicholas: "Ah, Walks-Softly. So good to see you again. How have you been?"
Walks-Softly: "Hunted. Missing too many friends."
Nicholas: "And Velsa as well? I thought you'd retired!"
Velsa: "And I thought you were dead. Seems we were both disappointed."
Nicolas: "And … who are you? I don't believe we've met."
Quen: "I'm someone who knows better than you listen to your lies."

After discussing it with your companions, you can decide whether or not to give him a lockpick.

"Well? Is there honor among thieves, or will you prove Zeira wrong?"
I've made my decision.
"Good, good. Always commit fully, even when your heart brims with doubt.
Now. The lockpick?"
If you tell us where to find Zeira, you'll get a lockpick.
"Head through the prison and look for the docks. Should you hurry, the ship bearing Zeira in its hold will still be present."
We're done. Walks-Softly, give him a lockpick.
You don't get a lockpick. You don't get anything.
"Misguided, but I understand. Zeira always treasured loyalty over … well, treasure.
To show there's no hard feelings between us, you could try the Warden's Office for her transfer papers. It's under guard, but you look like you could manage."
We're done.

If you decided to give him a lockpick:

Walks-Softly: "Here you are. Worst of luck to you."

However, if you refused:

Walks-Softly: "Search the Warden's Office. Look for any clue that leads us to Zeira."

The One That Got Away[edit]

Following the prison break from No Shira, you will learn from Zeira that Nicolas apparently went overboard during a storm. Zeira and Magnifica Falorah don't believe he is dead and the former asks you to follow some leads. Eventually find yourself at Volunidai's Manor and once you enter, you will hear a familar voice.

Nicolas: "My darling Volu, is that you in the kitchen? My muse has left me. Perhaps kisses would restore it?"

As you approach he will realize you are not his sweetheart.

Nicolas: "You are not who I expected to see."

When you speak to him, he will be calm—just saddened that his past caught up so quickly.

"I knew my time here wouldn't last. I hoped it would take longer, though.
Zeira wanted to make sure I was truly dead, yes? I taught her too well."
We have unfinished business.
"What business? The man you knew as Nicolas truly died in that storm.
I am a changed man, a married man. I live quietly in this house, painting things that my wife adores. I … retired."
Before I decide what to do with you, I have some questions.
"Ask. I'll tell you everything you want to know. No more secrets.
None of them matter anymore."
What was your plan?
"I wanted more. Alone, Abah's Landing is a meager prize. But if I could find a way to bring in Taneth ….
With a stake in both cities, you control all trade in Hew's Bay."
But why betray the Thieves Guild?
"But I hadn't! Velsa should have joined me at Malooc's Path. After my "death," she would lead the others back to Abah's Landing. Zeira could scatter the guild before the Iron Wheel's arrival.
But then Velsa retired, and everything changed."
You're saying this is Velsa's fault?
"Of course not. But had all gone according to plan, Zeira could have filtered the guild into Taneth. Set up there, while the Iron Wheel was chasing them here.
And when I was Magnifica Falorah's puppet in Abah's Landing, Zeira would be mine in Taneth."
But that's not what happened. It's time I decided what to do with you.
"Very well.
We both know my part in what happened to the Thieves Guild. I won't beg for my life, if that's what you're expecting. If that's what Zeira wants from me."
(Questions are the same as in I'll be the judge of that. reply.)
I'll be the judge of that.
"Very well.
We both know my part in what happened to the Thieves Guild. I won't beg for my life, if that's what you're expecting. If that's what Zeira wants from me."
You don't get to have a happy family. Your wife should know who you really are.
"But I love her!
I see … Zeira wants you to take away what's important to me. Go on, then. Do what you must."
Zeira wants you to stay away from Abah's Landing.
You will never hear from me again. I swear it upon the love I hold for my dear wife. This home, my wife … it's all I shall ever want."
She didn't want you to beg. She wanted you dead. [Nicolas dies]


Letting Nicolas live

If you decide to leave him be, he will be surprised but thankful.

Nicolas: "Thank you. I won't squander this."'

He will then run outside to talk to Volunidai.

Nicolas: "I had an unexpected visitor today. Nothing to worry about, and they are leaving.
You and I should relax and have a nice glass of wine. I have some of that nice Colovian vintage breathing."

If you decided to tell his wife the truth, he will just say, "Just get this over with." If you try talking to him again. Once you have spoken with Volunidai, the furious Altmer will run into the house.

Volunidai: "Vantus! Or Nicolas. Whoever you are, you are no longer welcome!"
Nicolas: "My darling Volu, I can explain!"

However, if you decided to kill Nicolas, Volunidai will rush upstairs and grieve over his dead body.


If you let Nicolas live, but tell his wife about his dubious past, he ends up a fisherman

If you revealed the truth to his wife but didn't suggest that he be shipped off to Taneth,[verification needed — see talk page] he can later be found fishing near Outside Inn in Elden Root. When you talk to him he will say, "Just leave, You're scaring away my dinner."

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