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Collection Wrothgar Writings
Found in the following locations:
Neramo's Journal, Page 1
A page from a scholar's journal

Perhaps it's true what they say, that success is misery to the successful and death to the unsuccessful. I fear my pride and vanity have led me astray. Again.

The Orcs, though stubborn and suspicious, were nothing but good to me. And how have I repaid them? By releasing a sea of constructs on them and flooding their quarry with Dwemer devices.

Diligently they dug at their quarry extracting rock for the building of their great city, and each block of precious graystone brought me closer to my goal—and to my undoing. It had been my intent all along to guide them toward the ruin I knew must be lying beneath the quarry, the fabled Dwemer ruin called Mzindyne. A spectacular name for (what I discovered to be) an extraordinarily dangerous ruin.

No sooner had we discovered the entry than we were set upon by scores of Dwemer automatons. A suffocating fog accompanied them, some sort of defensive measure. The quarry workers tried to fend them off with shovels and picks, but they were overwhelmed in short order. So many cries. So much confusion. I survived only because of my intimate knowledge of construct capabilities. Luckily, I was able to use that knowledge to keep Shabon, the hunt-wife's daughter, safe as well.

Even so, it seems I am incapable of learning my lesson. The wisdom that is said to accompany experience eludes me. I must discover the secrets of this ruin. I must make the sacrifice of the Orcs mean something.