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Location Rulanyil's Fall
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit

Nanwen is an Altmer spirit found in the ruins of Rulanyil's Fall.

Related Quests[edit]


The Dead King[edit]


Nanwen's Sword[edit]

Nanwen's spirit can be summoned by using the Nanwen's Sword memento earned in Rulanyil's Fall. He will appear and speak one of the following lines:

Nanwen: "The joke's on Endarwe. I'm bound to that sword now. Though he does still have my body—a little off-putting actually."
Nanwen: "This can't be all there is to the afterlife. Must be some way to pass onto the next plane. Some cliff I could jump off. Maybe a tiger could eat me."
Nanwen: "What's on your itinerary today, adventurer? Probably more interesting than mine."
Nanwen: "By the Divines, I had no idea death would be so boring. Literally nothing happens. Let that be a fair warning to you, adventurer!"
Nanwen: "The sayings are wrong. I don't have more appreciation for life now. I'm just slightly bitter. And bored."
Nanwen: "I wonder if my family's moved on. I just hope they're safe.I wonder if my family's moved on. I just hope they're safe."
Nanwen: "Strange that my clothes are made of the same substance as my … ghostly form."
Nanwen: "You know—sometimes I have better things to do than speak to you. Can't say what they are, but they're there!"
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