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Multifunctional Aide
Location Vale of Tiers
Race Factotum Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Multifunctional Aide

Multifunctional Aides are factotums that can be found in The Radius of Clockwork City. They will initially appear lifeless and inert, but once interacted with, they will obey one of three commands. Once an instruction is given, it will perform that task and can no longer be interacted with.


When spoken to it will await a command.

"By the word of Seht, I am bound.
Awaiting task input. Vocal commands accepted. Please select command one, two or three."
The factotum resumes landscaping protocols and begins digging randomly in the immediate vicinity.
The factotum goes into a charging state and no longer moves. The next time the location is visited there will be a group of Skeevatons scampering away from where the factotum once was.
The factotum self-destructs.