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Location Sunspire Courtyard
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Mojha is a rebellious Khajiit found in Sunspire. He was initially drawn to the temple after hearing of the return of Alkosh from the priests, however he quickly saw the truth but by then was trapped within its' walls and made a slave to the whims of the Dragons. Once you arrive with your group, Mojha urges you to rebel against Nahviintaas.

Related Quests[edit]


When you enter Sunspire's courtyard, Nahviintaas will greet you personally.

Navhiintaas: "More have come to serve. Good. Kneel before your god and I will give you purpose."
Mojha: "It's a trick! He'll make slaves of you. Resist while you can!"
Navhiintaas: "Faithless. Put them in their place, then put them to work."
Alkosh's Supplicant: "Don't resist! Alkosh will punish you!"
Mojha: "Fool! This is our chance for freedom!"

After you defeat Alkosh's faithful in the courtyard, Azin-jo will run out horrified by what you have done. Mojha will confront him.

Mojha: "The false Alkosh roosts in the chancel, but you won't reach it until the Dragons of ice and fire are slain. The stairs will lead you to them."
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "Alkosh have mercy! What have you done?"
Mojha: "Azin-jo! You liar! You said Alkosh was here to save us, but he turned us into slaves!"
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "What are you talking about? We should be grateful to serve the Divine!"
Mojha: "You old fool! There are no gods here! Only tyrants!"
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "Blasphemers! You spilled the blood of Alkosh's faithful and desecrated his temple. I should have seen you were bent cats!"
Mojha: "They see through your false god. They will free us."

If you approach and talk to him, he'll say:

"Thank you, five-claw! Azin-jo may be blind to the truth, but I'm glad you saw through the false god."
You don't believe that was Alkosh?
"He cuts a striking figure in his golden scales, but the scales lost their luster when we were forced to kneel and scrape and toil under the lash."
They beat the worshipers?
"Not the ones without questions, but if one worked their tongue more than their arms, or thought to worship the other Divines, or tried to leave, then the dull-clawed believers would enforce the Dragons' will."
Do you know where the Dragon went?
"He spends most of his time in the chancel, to what end I do not know. The false god has little interest in us, but he makes sure we don't forget him. He has two other Dragons keeping watch over us to ensure our obedience."
How can I get to the chancel?
"It is just through those great doors, but you won't be able to open them. The Dragons shouted strange sorcery that holds them tight. You see it? The frost and fire? One is the word of the red Dragon and the other the word of the white."
Where can I find these other Dragons?
"Ascend the stairs into the temple. The right path leads to the caldera, where the red one stokes the sleeping mountain's fire. The left leads to a windy overlook the white one favors.
May the real Alkosh give you strength to slay these pretenders."

Lokkestiiz and Yolnahkriin[edit]

During the fight against Lokkestiiz, he will call out advice when storm and ice atronachs are summoned:

Mojha: "Shatter it with thunder!"
Mojha: "Try the lightning! Melt the ice-monster!"
Mojha: "Turn the elements against themselves!"

Once Lokkestiiz is slain, Mojha will arrive with other enslaved Khajiit.

Mojha: "Haha! You've done it! Down with the Dragons!"
Vanraja: "Merciful Alkosh! How is that possible?"
Mojha: "Because they are not gods! And we will no longer be their slaves!"

You also have the option of talking with him depending on which order you defeated the Dragons in, the following dialogue can occur either after defeating Lokkestiiz or Yolnahkriin first. After the first Dragon is slain:

"They may not be gods, but to slay a Dragon is no mean feat! Maybe you truly are blessed by Alkosh. Did he guide you here to cast down these pretenders?"
Not that I'm aware of.
"Well, by your will or the gods', I'll take it! But we are not yet out of the Dragon's teeth. The false god still roosts in this temple."
What else can I do?

This next line depends on which Dragon you killed first.

If Lokkestiiz was killed first:

"Now that the false Jone is dead, you've proven that these so called gods are frauds, but so long as the red one still lives, the one calling himself Alkosh is out of reach. Follow the path around the temple and you'll find Jode in the caldera."

If Yolnahkriin was killed first:

"You've proven this Jode a fraud, but gods or no, two Dragons still maintain this falsehood. You won't reach the so-called Alkosh until the white one claiming to be Jone is cast down as well.
Continue down this path. He awaits you on the overlook."
I'll take care of it.
"I'll be cheering for you. Very quietly. Like praying. I'll be praying for you."

After the second Dragon is slain:

"This is it, five-claw! Now that those two are dead, nothing bars your path to the chancel.
Be Alkosh's mighty retribution against the fraud in fool's gold scales!"
What do you mean?
"The false god's protectors are gone and their sorcery with them. The chancel doors are unsealed. All that remains is for you to walk through them. And slay a Dragon God … but at least it is a false one."
Where is the chancel?
"The entrance is back in the temple courtyard, through a pair of doors engraved with Dragons.
That is where you will find the fake Alkosh."

After Yolnahkriin is slain:

Mojha: "You did it? You did it! I knew you would save us!"


After you have slain Nahviintaas, the freed servants will arrive and Azin-jo will be seeing the truth clearly.

Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "What an ugly thing! How could this one not see it for what it was?"
Mojha: "The thirsty desert walker sees what they want to see."
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "It was a beautiful mirage …."
Mojha: "Only to the blind. Do you see my scars now?"
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "Forgive this one. His eyes are open now."

You can then talk to a jubilant Mojha.

"Zha'al! You are like Khunzar-ri and his Kra'Jun! When Khajiit speak of this day, they will utter your names in the same breath!"
What will you do, now that you're free from the Dragons?
"What indeed … this one came to this temple for safety after the Dragons destroyed his caravan. A cruel joke that he should wander into their lair here, but at least they did not eat him.
This one has nowhere left to go."
You could always stay.
"This one still licks the wounds from his beatings, but perhaps he can forgive the ones deceived. You clawed out the cruel among them with the Dragons.
Perhaps this place can become a true temple of Alkosh again."
"A great and clever warrior of the old kingdoms! Legend has it that he collected a band of the world's best heroes to cast out the wicked Dragons of the past. This one does not know the stories by heart, but it is a favorable comparison."
What are you going to tell people about me?
"Only the most flattering and complimentary truths, of course. How you brought a Kra'Jun of your own to the temple of Alkosh and cast down three Dragons in a single day! And if some tale-spinners embellish the legend in the retelling, so be it."
What will you do with Azin-jo?
"He is the one who brought us all into this great mess, but his only crime is believing too much. Mojha can probably forgive him, if he works to make things right. A temple needs its priest, after all."
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