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Online:Maw of Lorkhaj: Stainless Souls

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ON-icon-achievement-Maw of Lorkhaj Stainless Souls.png Maw of Lorkhaj: Stainless Souls
Type Thieves Guild Achievements
Points 15
Defeat Rakkhat without anyone dying while afflicted by the Breath of Lorkhaj.

Maw of Lorkhaj: Stainless Souls is awarded for defeating Rakkhat in the Maw of Lorkhaj without anyone in the party being killed by his final attack. This can be done in either Normal or Veteran mode. The best way to avoid this attack is to not stand on any of the large circular areas in the room. It only takes one death to spoil the achievement for everyone, so you need to make sure that everyone in the group understands what is required. Those players who usually fight in melee range might want to pick up some ranged attacks or possibly move into more of a healing or support role during this fight just to avoid this. Alternatively, such players should pay attention to Rakkhat's health, and make sure to back off when he is nearing death, though this is much less reliable. Players are also advised to play in 3rd person view rather than 1st, as it makes it much easier to avoid accidentally backing into one of the circles at the wrong moment.