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Location Outside Tor-Hame-Khard
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Manacar is an Altmer found outside Tor-Hame-Khard during the quest The Hulkynd's Heart. Due to his deformities he has been labeled an outcast from Altmer society, a hulkynd, and lives as a huntsman and poacher, with his faithful wolf, Cur.

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Quest Related Events[edit]

The Hulkynd's Heart[edit]

Enter the area in front of Tor-Hame-Khard and Cur will suddenly materialize in front of you while Manacar sneaks up behind you and tells the wolf:

Manacar : "Down, Cur. I've got it covered."

Speak to Manacar and he'll ask:

"Would you care to explain why you're tracking me?"
An artist named Tableau wishes to arrange a meeting with you at the nearby sinkhole.
"An artist you say? Intriguing.
I'd accept, but I'm currently occupied with a rather tricky contract. Unless you wish to perform the task for me, I'm afraid this Tableau is out of luck."
What if I did the contract for you?
"If you think you're up to the task.
This forest is a protectorate of the Sapiarchs. A noble contracted me to poach one of the indriks and bring him her heart. He wishes to serve it at a feast. Petty defiance is a mask of prestige, you see."
I'll get you the heart if you meet with Tableau.
"We have a deal. You'll collect the heart, and I'll meet with Tableau.
Cur will lead you straight to the indrik. I've already given her the scent, so it's as simple as following behind. And then killing the beast, of course."
Why are you doing work for a noble?
"Summerset nobility isn't quite as squeaky clean as they want you to believe. In fact, the pressures of perfection often lead them to some … questionable desires.
My services allow me to perform more unbecoming tasks, given my social status."
How so?
"I have no family to shame, no name which to soil. I may as well be a shadow, for all the worth I am given. Society would rather ignore me than admit I exist.
Of course, this anonymity allows me unprecedented freedom. A blessing within my curse."
So you're a hulkynd/Your curse? The fact that you're a hulkynd?
"Yes. I was rejected when I was but a babe. One look upon my face should tell you why.
I was raised by the priests of Stendarr. Stern mer who did not much care to cater towards the whims of a child. It was a cold upbringing."
You seem matter of fact about it.
"A hulkynd; a broken child. That's what I've been, all my life. Why deny it?
But being unwanted, outcast, it's almost a relief. I had no family to please, no name to live up to. I choose my own path. Rejection is almost liberating, in that sense."

Retrieve the indrik heart, and you'll find Manacar and Tableau at the falls east of Ald Mora Ruins. As you approach, you'll hear:

Tableau : "You've finally arrived! And with quite a … strong stench.
Manacar : "Excuse me a moment, Tableau. I must speak with our mutual acquaintance."

Speak to Manacar and he'll say:

"Well, this isn't quite what I expected. Your friend is a curious individual. Scribbled constantly as we talked. I had no idea she wished for me to be a … model.
Well, no matter. Have you the heart?"
I've collected an indrik heart for you.
"Good. It seems you're as competent a companion as Cur.
I realize our business is concluded, but a complication has arisen which would benefit from your continued assistance."
What sort of complication?
"Tableau is quite insistent on finishing her sketch, but it may take a few hours. I'd hate to leave her indisposed, after all the trouble she went through to find me.
I must request you deliver the heart for me."
Where do I have to travel to?
"The inn within Lillandril. The contact's name is Valtarion. Best to deliver the heart before it starts to rot. Wouldn't want to ruin his little feast.
You may keep my payment as compensation. A fair trade, after all your work."
I'll deliver the indrik heart.

Manacar will attempt to stand and give you further directions, but...

Manacar : "Lillandril is just to the west. You shouldn't have any trouble—."
Tableau : "Manacar! Didn't I tell you to remain seated? I'm only halfway through this sketch!"
Manacar : "I, well … yes. My apologies."

If you speak to him again before leaving for Lillandril, he'll say:

"Artists these days, who knows what they're thinking. Still, I suppose I can humor her for a little while longer. She did go through all the trouble to meet with me."

Bantering with Bandits[edit]

As you approach the Oleander Coast Winery after the completion of The Hulkynd's Heart, you'll find Manacar outside the property:

"So we meet again. Always nice—and rare—to see a friendly face.
I'm afraid I don't have time to chat at the moment. I'm trying to seek entrance into this winery, but the guards refuse to let me in … despite my invitation."
What is the invitation for?
"Tableau has left the House of Reveries, and tonight is her art debut. I received an invitation, but I suspect her patron caught wind of my arrival.
Lilawen doesn't quite … accept me as an acquaintance."
How can I help?
"In truth, I only wish to attend to check on Tableau. Her invitation came with a note, outlining concerns for her safety.
Could you perhaps … go in and check on her? Make sure things run smoothly? It would mean a good deal to me if you would."
I'll check on Tableau for you.
"Lilawen should be able to tell you where you can find Tableau. Just look for a noble type who looks like she has a stick up her arse. Well … more so than usual.
Meet me behind the vineyard afterward. I'd rather not overstay my welcome here."
It seems you and Tableau have grown awfully close since we last met.
"Perhaps we were, but we've now gone our separate ways.
Her choice of me as an acquaintance was always questionable, but mostly accepted when she was part of the House of Reveries. Once she acquired a patron, I felt it best to leave."
How did Tableau feel about that?
"Overly sentimental. Still, it's best this way. A reputable artist within Summerset is thought very highly of. It would never do to be seen with a hulkynd.
I only came tonight out of concern for her safety. Once that's confirmed, I'll be on my way."
It sounds like you still care for her.
"My intentions are completely honorable, I assure you! There's no way I would harbor … romantic intentions. Given my status.
Tableau is just one of the few mer I consider a friend. The least I can do is keep her safe."

Discover what has happened in the winery and return to him. He'll be crouched down in the nearby vineyard:

"Were you able to speak to Tableau? Did she mention me? Ah—I mean, is she all right?"
She's been kidnapped. They left a note, demanding we meet with an Orc named Ghrum.
"Slek! So I'm the reason she was in danger.
I don't know who these Blackbirds are, but I do know Ghrum. Luckily for us, he owes me a favor. Meet me in the Alinor Outlaws Refuge. It's time we paid my old friend a visit."
All right.
"I'll meet you in the Alinor Outlaws Refuge. We'll take care of this Blackbird threat, once and for all."

If you speak to Manacar inside the refuge without speaking to Ghrum first, he'll only say:

"Go, speak to Ghrum. I believe he has some information to share with us."

Once you've spoken to Ghrum, Manacar will overhear that Tableau and the Blackbirds are in King's Haven Pass.

Manacar : "Then we head for King's Haven. Cur and I will go to the eastern end of the pass and set up an ambush. You cut off their retreat."

Investigate the wrecked cart in King's Haven Pass and exit the pass our the eastern end. You'll hear Manacar call for you:

Manacar : "Quickly. Over here."

Speak to him and he'll ask:

"You're the first soul I've seen coming out of King's Haven. Tell me, were there any signs of the Blackbirds at all?"
There was a wrecked cart in the pass, but no bodies. I did find this locket.
"This is Tableau's locket. I gave it to her myself.
It should hold enough of her scent for Cur to track, Stendarr willing. Let's see where the old girl's nose takes her."
I'll make sure to follow Cur.

Manacar will call Cur to him:

Manacar : "Here, girl. See if you can find our friend Tableau."

As Cur takes off east, he'll say:

Manacar : "She's caught a scent! Make sure to follow close behind. I'll keep back and guard our rear."
He'll then vanish in a puff of smoke.

Follow Cur to the northeastern shore of Summerset where you'll find Tableau among a group of Altmer, presumably the Blackbirds. As you near, you'll hear the following:

Ularfire the Unscrupulous : "Avast! You face Ularfire, the Thoroughly Unscrupulous! Come no closer, or I shall bestow a banquet of bladework upon thy body!"
Manacar : "I'm afraid only skewered meat is on the menu."
Tableau : "Wait, don't hurt him! He's not a real bandit!"
Ularfire the Unscrupulous : "A-a true actor must know when to exit the stage! Farewell!"
And Ularfire the Unscrupulous flees with the rest of the group.
Manacar : "Tableau, what exactly have you gone and done?"

Speak to him before speaking to Tableau and he'll say:

"I have no idea what's happening here, but I'm sure I'm not going to like it. Go, talk to Tableau. Perhaps you can help make sense of this farce."

Speak to Tableau and he'll say:

"Come now, let's finish this. While there's still time for Lilawen to come up with an excuse."
Why do you say that?
"In Summerset, rising above your rank is nearly unheard of. The only ones who manage to do it are truly great artists. It's a recognition that most only dream of.
I may be but a hulkynd, but I know Tableau would regret this. Sooner than she thinks."
I'll speak to Tableau and let her know your decision.
"Don't tell me you've been swept up by such sentiment too? Tableau is a great artist. With her talent, she could ascend the ranks, perhaps even work for royalty.
Her family line would forever be honored. I can't let her give that up."
I think Tableau is capable of making her own choice. Why can't you respect that?


If you agree with Manacar, you'll hear the following:

Tableau : "So, let me clarify. We can't be together, in order for me to become an artist?"
Manacar : "Yes. It is the only way for you to succeed."
Tableau : "Fine! I'll become the greatest artist Summerset has ever known! And when I do, no one will dare question our relationship."
Manacar : "I … what?"
Tableau : "I haven't given up yet, Manacar. Not by a long shot."
Manacar : "By Stendarr …."
Tableau begins to weep

Speak to him again and he'll say:

"I know a quick route in Alinor. I'll get Tableau back to her debut before anyone panics. It will be difficult saying goodbye again, but ….
Don't worry. Soon she'll forget all about me. It's all for the best."