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Magistrate Sulma
Home City Bergama
Location Hall of Judgment
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Magistrate Sulma

Magistrate Sulma is a Redguard administrator who runs Bergama's government from the Hall of Judgment.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

"I welcome you to Bergama, wayfarer. I hope you brought your gold. Our markets have goods you can find nowhere else in all Tamriel.
Regardless of any rumors in the streets, I can assure you the city is safe. So stay as long as you like."
What are the rumors?
"You know how these things can get blown out of proportion.
Some people are paranoid, speaking as if respectable citizens were disappearing left and right. It's true, a few people have gone missing, but they were mostly beggars and vagrants."
Do you need help with the investigation?
"Oh. That is very kind of you to offer, but my administration has a handle on the situation. I believe Justice Istah and his officers have some promising leads.
You are a guest here. It would not do for us to put you to work."
Let me know if you change your mind.

Speak to her before leaving and she'll say:

"Do you like the Hall of Judgment? Feel free to look around.
It has been rebuilt a few times, but this building actually dates back to when the Ra Gada first settled in the Alik'r Desert."

After doing your investigations for Justice Istah and approach the central square in Bergama, you'll find her talking to Istah, who is a prisoner in the stocks:

Magistrate Sulma : "Justice Istah. You are hereby found guilty of obstructing an investigation, and conspiring against the people of Bergama.
Justice Istah : "I do not know from where these charges originate, Magistrate, but I am innocent. You will see. The truth will come to light.
Magistrate Sulma : "You will remain here until a thorough investigation has been completed. I am sorry, Istah."

At Istah's request, investigate Sulma's house and discover Sulma's connection to the Withered Hand in her basement. Return upstairs and she'll confront you:

Magistrate Sulma : "What were you doing down there? You saw, didn't you?"
"So now you know my dark secret. It must be horrifying—I haven't been able to bring myself to go down there since this began. I just gave Fakimal a key ….
Do you understand though? Do you realize why this is necessary?"
Killing all these people is necessary?
"Yes. There is no other way. Do you understand the power of the Withered Hand? King Fahara'jad, the Ash'abah … they cannot stop them!
Eventually, the Hand would have come here and killed everyone. This deal is our only hope."
Paying them in corpses to leave Bergama alone?
"It was the only deal Alasan would accept. It seems terrible, but we're only killing vagrants, criminals …. To save the city, that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.
Let me finish this—it's only a few more corpses. Will you keep my secret?"
No. I'm turning you in.


Yes. I will keep your secret.
"I can't tell you how relieved I am to hear that. When I saw you coming out of the basement, I thought all of this was going to have been in vain. You realize, of course, that this means Istah will have to remain in the stocks."
I understand.

If you decided to keep her secret, she'll say:

"I would encourage you to finish whatever business you have in Bergama and then be on your way.
In time, it will become clear that we have done the right thing. Until then, gods be with you."

She'll have returned to her desk in the Hall of Justice where she'll tell you: "When the rest of the Alik'r desert falls to the Withered Hand, know that you will still be welcome in Bergama, wayfarer. You will always be welcome in Bergama."

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