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Location Alten Meerhleel
Race Orc Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Dragonstar Caravan Company

Lozwug is an Orc employed by the Dragonstar Caravan Company, Lilmoth branch. He can be found at the Alten Meerhleel's teeba-enoo field as he finds it boring in Lilmoth, he is interested in their game but finds it simultaneously confusing and infuriating.

Related Quests[edit]


During Missing in Murkmire, Lozwug can first be overheard yelling "C'mon! Why are you just standing there? Let's go!"

If he is spoken to then, he will say "If you're looking for a good show, you're in the wrong place. This game makes no tusking sense."

After agreeing to rile up and distract Lozwug for Xukas, you can ask him about how teeba-enoo is played.

Lozwug: "Are you gonna play or what? What's the hold up?"
"Teeba-enoo! More like teeba-e … stupid! This game's a joke! No tusk-jabs, no eye gouges! Just a bunch of rolling around and tail swinging!"
I never heard of teeba-enoo. How is it played?
"I have got no tusking idea and neither do these lizards!
When I got here, they were all just lying there. Then, all of a sudden, half of them stood up and start slapping their tails—croaking like mad and kicking balls around!"
How many balls? [At this point, Xukas has walked up behind him and pickpocketed him.]
"I don't know—half-dozen, maybe?
They were bouncing them off that rock, but then the other team started hooting and slapping their chests like monkeys! They rushed the hill, formed a circle around the rock, and started standing on their heads."
What did the other team do?
"They started singing! Then one of them shouted "enoo," and everyone flopped over like they were dead. They laid there for fifteen minutes, then the game was over. I guess.
Tusking nonsense! If that's a sport, I'm a hearth-wife's dustpan!"
Thanks for the explanation.
"By Mauloch, I've got to find a better way to pass the time. I'd have left already, but there's literally nothing to do in Lilmoth but drink, sleep, and scrape mud off things.
I guess watching lizards roll around is better than scrubbing boots."


  • He only appears in the game once the quest Missing in Murkmire is started.
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