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Location Root-Whisper Village
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Listens-By-Smell is an eccentric Argonian found in Root-Whisper Village after the village has been restored at the end of By River and Root. She is an aspiring musician and will ask you to collect a variety of swamp jellies from all over Murkmire. Listens-By-Smell was inspired by a vivid dream she had while sleeping under a Hist.

Related Quests[edit]


A Salivating Visionary[edit]

When you approach her, she will be making odds sounds akin to someone choking. If you speak with her, she will continue to make these noises even as she tries to answer you.

"Mmm! Greet—arhgle! Ack …."
Are you choking? Do you need help?
"No—well, for a moment there—I was practicing my swamp jelly calls when I saw you passing by. It takes just the right amount of saliva to get their tenor.
I'll have to work up another mouthful, but there'll be time for that now that you're here!"
What do you mean?
"You can help make my sap-dreams a reality! Everyone knows the comfort of being lulled to sleep by the bubbling bog and croaking of frogs, but there's so much more to the music of the swamp!
We just need to assemble a quartet of swamp jellies!"
All right, how do we do that?
"I borrowed a frog net from my friend in Lilmoth. I'm certain it'll work for catching swamp jellies as well! There are four varieties of jellies around here, so one of each color should do.
I'll wait here and concentrate on appetizing thoughts."
I've never seen a swamp jelly before. What are they?
"Never seen a swamp jelly? You poor thing! They're wonderful little creatures that float on the wind like feathered seeds that sing, but made of slippery goop. This is why I need you to gather them! People need to see the natural beauty of Murkmire."
Where can I find the swamp jellies?
"They like to catch the sea breeze blowing through the marsh to the south, along the coast. I'm sure you'll have no trouble if you follow their adorable little calls. The most talkative ones tend to be brightly colored."
And I just have to get them with the net? They aren't dangerous or anything, are they?
"No, no! They couldn't hurt a fly! Well, flies are mostly what they eat … but they're perfectly docile! Maybe even a little skittish.
Just scoop them into the net as gently as you can and try not to lose the net. I'd never hear the end of it."
I'm sorry. I'm getting the jellies and you're doing what again?
"Salivating! Normally, it takes me about an hour to get the ideal mix of phlegm and spit for the proper effect, but I think the anticipation has really got the juices flowing!
I promise to be ready by the time you're back!"
You still haven't explained what you want the jellies for. I'm not catching your dinner, am I?
"Bark and branch, no! I could never eat swamp jellies! Imagine the sound! Their perfectly pitched little shrieks would be heartbreaking!
No! I just want to spread joy and the beauty of the swamp. You'll understand once you've brought the jellies!"

The Debut Performance[edit]

Their debut performance

Once you have found and caught four different types of swamp jelly, you can deliver them to Listens-By-Smell.

"Mmm! You have my quartet! Wonderful!"
Yes. Try not to choke again
"My throat is all warmed up. It's time! You can be the first to see the show!
Prepare to be amazed!"

She will then turn and address her new swamp jellies.

Listens-By-Smell: "All right, my dears! Places! Grrgllle!"
<Points to the left.>
Listens-By-Smell: "And one, and two … hrrgll!"
<Points to the right.>
Listens-By-Smell: "Oh! Over here—no—there we go!"
<The swamp jellies will twirl around and bob up and down.>

After watching their impromptu show, she will ask you what you thought of it if you speak with her.

"So? What did—ulp—what did you think?"
It was certainly unexpected.
"Like nothing you've ever seen, I'll bet. It brings you right to the heart of the Hist. It really captures the smell of sap on the wind and the feel of murk-gas under your feet. Right?"
My thoughts exactly.
"Yay! I knew the Hist wouldn't steer me wrong. I can't wait to share their songs from here to Shadowfen … or maybe I should go further! I bet there are many lukiul who miss the sounds of their homeland, if they've even heard them!"
Murk-gas wasn't the first thing to come to mind.
"Oh, well, I guess it did have a sort of boggy quality. I bet that would sound delightful in a lower key! Maybe I could score a show?"
How did you come up with this idea anyway? (Appears after giving opinion on performance.)
"It came to me in a dream, while napping under a Hist. I could hear everything in the swamp, all at once and yet one at a time. I was entranced by the calls of swamp jellies blending together into a cheerful little song and I knew what I had to do."