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Lamia Domina
Location Arx Corinium
In the river near Hallin's Stand
The Gray Mire (Sea Cave)
Hew's BaneThieves Guild (Crown Store)
Drome of Toxic Shock, Maelstrom ArenaOrsinium (Crown Store)
Loth'Na Caverns
Roots of Silvenar
Serpent's Grotto
Shadowfen (Loriasel)
Tempest Island
The Underroot
Zalgaz's Den
Species Lamia
Health 31364
127470 (Arx Corinium)
Normal11644Veteran(?) (Maelstrom Arena)
Reaction Hostile
Lamia Domina

Lamia Dominae are Lamia spell-casters. Their sonic screams are powerful enough to disorient those in its' range.

Skills and Abilities[edit]


In Arx Corinium:

"Begone, outsiders."

Skills and Abilities[edit]

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