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Armorer / Clothier
Home City Mistral
The Hollow City
Location Coldharbour, Mistral, The Hollow City
House Ladrelas' House
Store Iron Bark Plate and Mail

Cold Iron Forge

Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Armorer, Clothier

Ladrelas is a Bosmer vendor who has an armorer stall and house at the Moonfire Forge market in Mistral.

Once the Hollow City is restored, Ladrelas opens a clothier stall at the Cold Iron Forge smithy.



Ladrelas will be surprisingly honest when talking about his wares.

"I have the finest in armor available. Well, some of it's not all that fine, but it's still decent quality."

The Hollow City[edit]

When you speak with him, you can ask how business is going.

"If you need something, step right up! My work is in high demand right now. High demand."
How's business?
"We're in hostile territory, about to engage in the war to end all wars. How do you think business is going?
Let's just say that I hope there's a world left to enjoy my profits in when all this is over."