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Home City Marbruk
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Kuralit is a Khajiit found in the city of Marbruk. When talked to, he will share his story:

"Spare a coin for a veteran's meal?"
What brought you to Marbruk?
"Ah! You are one who is well-traveled! One who understands everyone has a story to share.
I was once an adventurer like yourself, until one fateful day, when my life changed forever."
Tell me about it.
"It is always so. Never once has someone taken pity on Kuralit without hearing his sad tale of woe.
Can I share my burden with you? Will you listen to my story?"
All right. What's your story?
"Know that I am not as old as my whiskers make me seem! My story begins not many years ago, when this one served in the Imperial army.
You may ask why I held such a position, but it was not by choice. Conscripted for my skills, I was in high demand."
What happened to you?
"My ancestors were great Khajiit sailors, so I was assigned to a warship whose soul [sic] mission was to maintain order in the wake of Knahaten flu sweeping the land.
You know of the Knahaten flu, yes?"
What's the Knahaten flu?
"This one shivers in fear, remembering those dark days! The Knahaten flu killed so man, all across Tamriel! Argonians and Khajiit proved heartier against it, but it claimed many of my friends' lives before it had faded away.
May I continue?
Yes, I do. Continue your story.
"One night, when Kuralit had already worked a triple shift, and thus was taking a well-deserved rest belowdecks, we aboard the Bountiful Mara, encountered the Crimson Ship!
You do know about the Crimson Ship?"
I'm sure you can tell me about the Crimson Ship.
"Indeed! The Crimson Ship was filled with Kothringi suffering from the Knahaten flu. No port would take them in. THey finally sailed off into the Abecean, never to be seen again.
It is rumored that no one who saw the ship lived to tell about it.
I've heard of it. Go on.
"As I said, I slept. A sleep so deep a dreamless, nothing woke me. When I finally rose a day later, I found my crewmates missing, and a scibbled note about the Crimson Ship.
They had seen it! And all had perished, leaving me adrift."
How did you sail a ship back to port without a crew?
"I could not! Many moons passed before another ship happened by. They blamed me for the crew's disappearance, and put me in the stocks! My career over, I became a beggar."
What's the rest of your story?
"Have I not suffered enough? No ship will take me on now as they think I am either cursed by the Crimson Ship, or sinister for killing an entire crew.
Maybe I am bad luck. When I got here, this was a Bosmer town. Now look! It is full of Altmer!"
Here, take this to get you back on your feet again.

Related Quests[edit]

  • The Artisan: Discover the identity of a mysterious thief.

Quest Related Events[edit]

During the quest, he'll have a different tale to tell:

"You approach, knowing what you want! I was once like that, not that long ago. Please, share some gold with poor Kuralit?"
Have you heard anything about the Artisan?
"Kuralit hears and sees much, but it is difficult to recall when this one's stomach rumbles so. Alas, he does not have the coin for food."
[Intimidate]: Tell me or I'll sic the guards on you for obstruction of justice.

"This one did not serve the Dominion for three years to be treated like this! Fine. Kuralit saw a Bosmer infiltrating the bank late at night."

[Pay led goldleveled gold Gold]: Fine. Here's some gold.

"A thousand blessings. This one's night-eye has not failed him yet. Kuralit caught a glimpse of a Bosmer sneaking into the bank."