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Kinlord Nemfarion
Location Corgrad Wastes
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Kinlord Nemfarion speaking

Kinlord Nemfarion is an ancient Altmer found beneath the Corgrad Wastes. As you explore the sunken ruins of Corgrad you will learn that Nemfarion founded the town. When it came to be afflicted of a deadly plague, Nemfarion took to extreme measures to contain the plague and make his family survive through it.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Wasting Away: Assist an estate's heir as he uncovers the truth about his family's past.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Kinlord Nemfarion: "Welcome to Corgrad, visitor. Such as it is. Forgive our lacking hospitality."
A statue of Kinlord Nemfarion from better days
"Come, speak, I have not had civil company in some time.
You arrive upon a momentous reunion of our filial blood. The day we have so long waited for."
What are you doing to Faidur?
"Bestowing on him the Corgrad legacy. He is taking the first step upon the long road to restoring this house. It will be a demanding journey that will require much sacrifice."
What kind of sacrifice?
"His vitality. It will take all he has to offer to restore each of us, but if he is up to the task he will reap a precious bounty."
You're going to kill him.
"On the contrary, he will taste immortality, as we have. But only for scant centuries, not millennia. In a few generations, our bloodline will be renewed and possess the purity needed to restore Faidur."
I won't let you do this to him.
"The embalming process has already begun. When the stone is finished we will be restored and he will be a Savior.
I regret that Faidur must suffer, but his pain will be a small fraction of the sacrifice required to save Corgrad from annihilation."

You can ask additional questions from Nemfarion:

What have you become?
"We are Altmer, even in this desiccated state. Cleansed of our poisoned humors to be free of the great sickness from the sea. Now that you see the cure, imagine the disease."
The Thrassian Plague. I'm told it claimed many lives.
"Thras. I had always suspected as much. The sickness bore an intent, as if designed to spread misery and cruelty. To hear the Sload were involved comes as no surprise to me."
What made it so bad?
"It was ever present, ever penetrating. It seeped into every person, every creature, every drop of water, seeking to be quenched. The afflicted drank themselves to corpulence with each passing day, until their bones cracked under their bulging flesh."
Why do Arillas and the others call you their Saviors?
"We spare them the ravages of the terrible sickness that spread through Corgrad. In exchange they care for us in this invalid state. So we have endured, so Corgrad has endured, for longer than I can clearly recall."
You don't mean they're still infected?
"To be free of the disease is to be free of all humours. They offer us their tainted blood to sustain our fragile grip on life and through sorcery the sickness is purged. Together we flee its horrors, but there was no true escape. Until now."
Because Faidur isn't infected?
"Because he is kin. Most would not debase their bodies with the blood of Men, but I am beyond such concerns. The blood Arillas offered us from the outsiders was free of disease, but unsustainable none the less. Faidur will be different."
How did Corgrad come to be buried?
"My vain attempt to stop the sickness from spreading beyond our borders. The people rebelled against their confinement and nearly broke the quarantine. I was forced to destroy the sea walls and flood the town."
You drowned your own people?
"To spare them and others from the gruesome death that was sure to come, or so I hoped. From that day forward our only concerns were for our kingdom below."