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Location Meirvale Keep
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Khasda is a Khajiit and the current leader of the Stitches, after the untimely death of Dashing Dasalzo. While unruly at the best of times, under Khasda's leadership, the town is being slowly driven into the ground and only the gangs profit. Before he became leader, Khasda was a lieutenant along with Tasnasi under Dasalzo. After Tasnasi was blamed for their leader's death, Khasda was at the forefront of driving her out of town.

Recently, Tasnasi has returned with an eye on revenge. By stealing the entirety of Khasda's wealth from his residence in the Meirvale Keep.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

You will first encounter Khasda after you learn Tasnasi was captured while looking for evidence of Khasda's involvement in Dashing Dasalzo's murder. After you enter the Meirvale Keep Dugout, you will overhear Tasnasi and Khasda as you approach the torture chamber.

Khasda: "You were always naive, Tasnasi. You and Dasalzo both. So focused on the future that you never could see the knife behind you."
Tasnasi: "By Jone, Tasnasi will claw your eyes out!"

When you enter the chamber, he will sic his bodyguard, Cud on you.

Tasnasi: "You have one friend left in this world, it seems. Not for much longer. Cud!"

After you defeat Cud, Khasda will flee through a tunnel.

Khasda: "You—you'll regret crossing Khasda!"
Tasnasi: "He's getting away! Untie me!"

Once you leave the keep, you will find that Khasda has been cornered on the ledge of the cliff, while Tasnasi holds a knife to him.

Khasda: "Please. Tasnasi. Spare me!"
Tasnasi: "Shut up, Khasda! One more word from your lying tongue and Tasnasi will claw it out."

You can then talk with Tasnasi and help her decide what she should do with him.

If Khasda is spared
Tasnasi: "Tasnasi will only make this offer once. Confess to the Stitches for all you have done and she will not try out your torture devices for herself."
Khasda: "Tasnasi … you win."
Tasnasi: "Get up. All the Stitches will hear the truth from your lips before the day is done."
If Kasda is killed
Khasda: "Don't be stupid, Tasnasi. Name your price. Riches? Weapons? Skooma?"
Tasnasi: "Tasnasi only wants one thing, of little value."
<Tasnasi stabs Khasda.>
Tasnasi: "Your life."
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