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Keeper Areldur
Location The Banished Cells
The Banished Cells II
Race Altmer Gender Female
Health Normal(?)Veteran(?)
Reaction Frinedly (I) Hostile (II)
Areldur's Ring
Keeper Areldur
Areldur in the Banished Cells II
Areldur's spirit

Keeper Areldur is an Altmer and a member of the group tasked with keeping High Kinlord Rilis' spirit inside The Banished Cells I.

After returning to the Banished Cells in The Banished Cells II, she and the other keeps have formed a pact with Rilis, and are hostile. Defeating her has a chance to drop Areldur's Ring, a unique item in the Sanctuary item set.

Related Quests[edit]


"The High Kinlord's power has grown terrifying.
I don't know that we can stop him, though we must. Tamriel is in grave danger if Rilis reaches the surface. Even if we catch him, we'll need to devise a stronger prison than the last one.
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