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Recover a shipment of fine silks.
Zone: Greenshade
Quest Giver: Kunira-daro
Location(s): Woodhearth (Sea Hawk)
Reward: Fine Silk Gloves
Very Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very Low
ID: 514
A Khajiit trader was tricked by an Altmer merchant captain who gave her low quality fabric in place of the rare silks she traded for.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Kunira-daro.
  2. Steal the shipment from the Sea Hawk.
  3. Return to Kunira-daro.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

To begin this quest, speak with Kunira-daro in the docks in the western section of Woodhearth. She speaks about how someone called Angore ripped her off, saying they'd give her some silk in exchange for her gold but giving her nothing at all. She requests that you go onto his ship, the Sea Hawk, and retrieve the silks that she rightfully purchased. Head onto the ship (it is the southernmost ship in the docks). To get inside the hold, where the silk is stored, you must unlock the Simple-locked door (either by picking or forcing the lock). Unlocking the door is considered a crime, so ensure that you are sneaking and hidden while unlocking it. It should not be extremely dangerous as there isn't anyone on the ship; but make sure you are hidden to avoid a bounty.

Once you are inside the ship, you will have to fight your way through the bandits inside. This isn't considered murder, so don't worry about a bounty here. Fight them as you head down the hallway into the second cabin on the left, in which you find a Box of Silks containing the Bundle of Silks that Kunira-daro purchased. Take these and then head out of the ship. Return to Kunira-daro and she thanks you for your help, and rewards you with some gloves and leveled gold.


  • "Angore" does not appear in the game, despite being mentioned by Kunira-daro.

Quest Stages[edit]

In the Belly of the Sea Hawk
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Kunira-daro wants the items she was supposed to retrieve, even if it means she has to take them. She offered me payment if I'll sneak on board the Sea Hawk vessel and steal the silks that belong to her.
Objective: Steal the Bundle of Silks
☑Finishes quest I managed to retrieve the bundle of silks Kunira wants. I should deliver them to her and collect my pay.
Objective: Deliver the Silk to Kunira-daro