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Ilmindil the Incendiary
Home City Shornhelm
Location Dead Wolf Inn
Aetherian Archive
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Mystic
Other Information
Faction(s) Undaunted
Condition Vampire
Ilmindil the Incendiary

Ilmindil the Incendiary is an Altmer vampire and a member of the Undaunted found at the Dead Wolf Inn, the inn located in the city of Shornhelm. He will tell you about the Crypt of Hearts, marking it on your map if you have not discovered it already. He can also be found at the Aetherian Archive, where he offers mystic services.



In Shornhelm he will announce himself with his full titles:

"Take caution, fragile mortal! You stand before the great Incendion: Master of the Whiteflame, Bearer of the Burning Heart, Kinlord of ancient Sunhold. I could incinerate you with an intake of my breath!
And I have very important work to do."
What are you doing here?
"You don't listen very well. Were you not Undaunted, you'd be a pile of ash right now.
If you must know, I've come to Rivenspire in search of the Crypt of Hearts, a once-great school of magic. Now it is cursed. If you find it before me, I hope you die there."

Aetherian Archive[edit]

While selling goods in the Aetherian Archive he appears fixated on burning things, and finishing his job so he can get back to burning more things:

"There's a lot of fire up there. I don't like fire I don't control. Fire I don't control is terrifying.
Look, just buy something so that I can leave. There's adventuring to be had, fire to be setting. On things other than me."
"You're here for adventure, aren't you? You should buy some of my wares.
Because when I run out, I get to be somewhere else. Setting fire to something."