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Home Settlement Bright-Throat Village
Location Blight Bog Sump
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Bright-Throat Tribe

Haxara is an Argonian egg-minder of the Bright-Throat Tribe. She is known to be very kind.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Empty Nest: Investigate strange occurrences at the Bright-Throat egg nursery.


Bright-Throat Village[edit]

As you approach the Tree-Minder's house in center of the village, you will overhear the following conversation:

Iskenaaz: "What were you thinking? Bringing this ... this ... thing here?"
Kasa-Jas: "Look at it, Iskenaaz! This was Saxhleel. It should rest with the roots of the Hist."
Iskenaaz: "That is an aberration! You'll poison the Hist with its corruption!"
Haxara: "You're heartless!"
Iskenaaz: "I am only thinking of the good of the tribe!"
Kasa-Jas: "Let the Tree-Minder decide."

You speak to her for the first time at the uxith were she is tending the eggs, when approached she'll sniffle, wipe a tear, and say:

"I'm sorry. Did you need something?"
Are you alright?
"It's nothing. I'm just upset from an argument earlier. Forgive me."
I thought I saw you when I arrived, the commotion over the dead stranger.
"I just felt so sorry for him. The idea of leaving him to rot—I ....
I'm sorry, can we talk about something else?"
Has there been anything else strange going on around here?
"I—no. Why would you think there's something wrong?"
The tree-minder believes there's something wrong with the eggs. They're suffering.
"What ...? No. No, no, no, no. That can't be. It can't!
I—I have to go."

She'll abruptly end the conversation and run away;

Haxara: "I'm sorry—I'm sorry! Excuse me!"
Egg-Tender Meena: "Haxara ...! Kaoc! That's the second time today."

Blight Bog Sump[edit]

After tracking the origin of the sickly abomination to the Blight Bog Sump, Haxara can be found inside weeping over one of them. When she is spoken to she will say:

"She promised me she could save them. She promised me! We were going to care for them and they'd live.
I just wanted them to live!"
We know the Veeskhleel used you, Haxara. We just don't know why.
"I don't know. She convinced me to bring her these eggs only to poison them. Look what she's done to my babies!
How could anyone do something so cruel?"
Haxara, these can't be your children. They look almost fully grown.
"I know! A mother knows!
Ree-Nakal's poison did this to them."
Iskenaaz and I will look around, try to understand what Ree-Nekal is doing here.
"Why? Why did she do this to us?"
You never suspected Ree-Nakal had bad intentions?
"People speak of the Veeskhleel as if they are monsters, but Ree-Nakal seemed warm to me. She listened to me. She understood my emptiness. She took away my pain. I trusted her more than my own egg-kin.
I feel like such a fool."
Why weren't you as close to your tribe?
"They don't feel the way I do. How can they? They have been chosen for the bonding ritual.
Every day I tend to children that aren't my own. I love them, I really do, but it's not the same. They don't understand."
Have you talked to the Tree-Minder about it?
"I've tried, but her concerns are always pointed outward. She must think of the good of our tribe. My desires are small compared to the needs of diplomacy."
Was taking the eggs really necessary?
"No. Is that what you want to hear me say? That I was stupid. Foolish. Pathetic! I know it ...! I can never forget it."
I'm just trying to understand.
"When I look at those unseeded eggs, I just see myself. Incomplete. Broken. Seeing them fade away breaks my heart. Ree-Nakal saw that and offered me hope.
I just wanted to believe. All of it. That we'd all be happy. It was too much to ask."
What were you using the dragonthorn for?
"It was for me, at first. I thought I could make myself the best choice for the bonding ritual with it. When Ree-Nakal asked me to bring her our unseeded eggs, I rubbed it on the shells to give them time, to strengthen them so we could save them."

Occasionally, at this point, she'll exclaim:

Haxara: "I tried... I tried to save them. It all went wrong."
Haxara: "These were our babies. How could you?"

Once you've collected Ree-Nakal's items and Iskenaaz returns to the village, you can speak to her again:

"It was all a lie, wasn't it? She never intended to help my children live."
That might be the only honest thing she told you. See for yourself.
"She doesn't even care that she's hurting them. She's using them. Twisting them.
She's a monster! She's made my babies monsters!"
Her notes mentioned other matured hatchlings being sequestered. I don't think these are them.
"You think they're alive? Please, we have to find them! They need me! I can't let Ree-Nakal keep hurting them!"
They sound dangerous, Haxara.
"Please. Just let me love them, even for a moment. I don't—I don't want them to be alone in the end."
I won't stop you. Do you have any idea where Ree-Nakal could be keeping your children?
"No, but if my children are tainted by these vile poisons, we may be able to follow their trail ... if it doesn't kill us.
The air is still down here. The fumes will linger a long time."
Do you know any way to counteract it?
"Ree-Nakal's poisons shouldn't exist. I don't know how, but I'll make sure they never hurt anyone again."
"I need to find my children. I failed them once. I can't fail them again."

At this point she will follow around as you explore the Blight Bog Slump. As you approach the Xuat-Matun - Worship Chamber, she'll say:

Haxara: "The trail is headed this way."
Haxara: "I'm sorry. I just wanted to take the pain away."

Inside, she'll attempt to speak with Ojei:

Haxara: "I found you. I finally found you. Please. Let us help you."

And as you fight Ojei, she'll make potions to heal you:

Haxara: "They're making more poison! Be careful! I'll try to mix an antidote!"
Haxara: "Fall back, I have a potion for you!"
Haxara: "You're ill! This way, I can help!"

Once the Ojei is defeated, she'll say:

Haxara: "I'm sorry. I just wanted to take the pain away."

Outside the Xuat-Matun, you can speak to her again:

"He was suffering, wasn't he? This is all we could do for him."
There's no way you could have fixed what Ree-Nakal had done. We've spared him a life of pain.
"I should have let the Hist take him. I should have let the Hist take all of them. It's all my fault and I can't even make it right."
No, but you can stop it. That will have to be enough.
"I know ... I know. We must find the rest."

As you approach the Xuat-Matun - Council Chamber, she'll say:

Haxara: "The trail leads here."

As you fight Xul-Mot, she'll again try to aid you:

Haxara: "He's oozing poison! I'll try to clear the air!"
Haxara: "To me! Over here!"
Haxara: "Quickly! He's spitting!"
Haxara: "This way! Before he spits!"
Haxara: "This way, you can make it!"

And, again, once the Xul-Mot is defeated, she'll say:

Haxara: "I'm sorry. I just wanted to take the pain away."

Speaking to her at this point, she'll say:

"We can't let Ree-Nakal do this to anyone else.
No one should have to feel this kind of pain."
Ree-Nakal's notes mentioned another experiment.
"I'm ready. I don't care what it takes. I won't let her hurt my children anymore."
I'll handle Ree-Nakal. Just try to keep out of harms way.
"It'll be enough to be there and know it's over. I don't want to hurt anyone ever again."
Stay close.
"Please, find Ree-Nakal. Every moment we waste is torture for my children."

Entering the Xuat-Mutan - Audience Chamber, you'll hear the following exchange between Ree-Nakal and Haxara.

Ree-Nakal: "Haxara. You wanted to be here when they hatched so badly. Now's your chance.
Ree-Nakal: "I'm so close! Can't you see that? You can have your children!"
Haxara: "These were supposed to be our children!"
Haxara: "I don't deserve them!"
Ree-Nakal: "You never did. Kill them!"

During the battle, she'll heal you when she can:

Haxara: "You're ill! This way, I can help!"
Haxara: "You're poisoned! Come here! I can help!"
Haxara: "Don't fight the poison! I can cure you!"
Haxara: "Fall back, I have a potion for you!"

Once Krona and Ree-Nakal are defeated, join up with her through the opposite do to the chamber. Tlaiuhticah will be there and Haxara will beg for you to stay your hand.

Haxara: "Wait! Wait! She's not like the others!"
Haxara: "See? She's no danger to anyone. She doesn't have to be like the others."

When Haxara is spoken to she will say:

"Isn't she beautiful? My little girl."
What's the matter with her?
"Nothing's wrong with her! She's just a child, that's all. She needs someone to care for her. She needs her mother."
She's not really a child, is she?
"I know she looks grown up, but that was Ree-Nakal's doing! She made her grow, but she never cared for her. She never raised her. That's why she's like this. I can fix that."
We can't just leave her here, that much is true.
"I'll take her home. I can care for her there. Being part of the tribe will help her."
You think they'll accept her?
"She's a Bright-Throat. She belongs with our Hist."
It might not be that simple.
"They can punish me. I don't care. I deserve it, but this one has suffered enough. Pavu will understand. She will."
I'll escort you back to the village.
"No. She isn't ready yet. Can't you see she's scared? When I've calmed her down I'll bring her home.
You go back to Pavu. Tell them it's over now … I want some time with my little girl."

Returning to Bright-Throat Village[edit]

After returning to the village in Pavu's house, you'll hear an ongoing argument.

Iskenaaz: "Tree-Minder, if you saw what I saw, there would be no question."
Haxara: "If you hadn't run, you might understand!"
Tree-Minder Pavu: "Peace. Here is the one I must hear from."

After speaking to Tree-Minder Pavu and telling her you'd like to talk to the others before making a decison, you can speak with Haxara:

"You know it's not true, what Iskenaaz is saying about her. You know it. He's a coward.
She needs the Hist. It can help her."
What if your daughter really is a threat to the Hist? You've caused a lot of harm already.
"She can't be! She just can't ....
If they won't accept us, I'll take her somewhere else. We'll have each other. That's all we need."
Even if you stay, there's no guarantee that your daughter will change for the better.
"That doesn't matter. I'll love her however she is. If I have to care for her until my dying day, I will."

If you decided to let Haxara and Tlaiuhticah stay in the village, you'll hear:

Tree-Minder Pavu: "Come, Haxara, we have ignored your pain for too long. Now it is our pain, and we will overcome it together."
Haxara: "Come, my love. Let's go home."

And after exiting Pavu's home, you'll see Jasaii speaking with Haxara.

Jasaii: "We should look at your child, Haxara. You as well. The healing hut will be quiet."
Haxara: "Give her a minute more. She's overwhelmed. It's all right, dear."

Speaking to her, she'll say:

"Thank you for this. She'd thank you too if she could. We saved one."
Will you be all right now?
"With what I've done? I don't know. My heart is so heavy it would sink into the black murk, if not for this small mercy the Hist has shown me.
If I can be a good mother to her, then it won't have been for nothing."
She's lucky to have you.
"No, I am lucky to have her. She's my reason for being."
Have you decided on a name?
"Xal-Sisei. Sacred-Sprout. It's a name I hope she'll grow out of."
Good luck, Haxara.

On the other hand if you decided that Haxara and the her daughter needed to leave the following will happen.

Tree-Minder Pavu: "Haxara, you have done the unthinkable. Whether you intended to or not, you have harmed our Hist and our tribe. For your crimes, I banish you from our land. Go in peace, but never return."
Haxara: "Come, my love. We aren't home yet... but we will be soon."

Outside the Tree-Minder's hut, Haxara and a Bright-Throat warrior, Vintheel will be having a conversation. Haxara is tending to her frightened child.

Vintheel: "We should really get moving, Haxara. I can escort you to Lilmoth."
Haxara: "Just give her space. She's afraid. We'll be gone soon enough."

Speaking with Haxara:

"I thought you'd understand. A life without the Hist. She doesn't deserve that."
If you have to choose between her and your tribe, you'll always pick her. That's why you must leave.
"I know! I know... I can't fix this, but I have to believe I can fix her. I have to."
Where will you go?
"We'll go to Lilmoth. I'll find work and a place to live, at least until I can buy passage out of Murkmire. There must be somewhere I can raise my daughter to have a good life, but I won't find it here."
Best of luck to you both.


Haxara and Xal-Sisei at the uxith

If you return to the village at a later point, Haxara and Xal-Sisei can be found at the uxith resting. Haxara can be asked about how they are doing.

"Beeko, it's so good to see you! Xal-Sisei, it's our friend, they came to see us."
I am a little suprised [sic] to see you in the nesting area. Given what happened.
"It makes some of the egg-tenders uncomfortable, but Meena doesn't seem to mind. I think being among the Hist's roots will be good for Xal-Sisei, so I'll bear the watchful stares if that's the price I have to pay."
How is your daughter doing?
"Good. I think the quiet of the uxith is helping her adjust to being around other people. She seems much calmer, doesn't she? The healers seem oblivious, but I can tell."
What do you mean?
"They've never seen anything like Xal-Sisei. She's one of a kind. They don't know what to do with her. I know they are trying to help, but I can tell they don't believe she can be like us.
She doesn't have to be. She'll always be my Xal-Sisei."
I'm glad to see you're both well.
"All thanks to you. You're truly a blessing from the Hist. We'll never forget everything you've done for us. Not ever."

If you chose to exile Haxara and Xal-Sisei, they can later be found in the Lusty Argonian Footman in Lilmoth.

Haxara and Xal-Sisei in Lilmoth

Haxara can be spoken with, surprised that you would approach her.

"I didn't expect you to approach me."
Because I chose to exile you?
"Yes. I thought you didn't want anything to do with me, like the others."

You have two options here:

I believe you can't stay with your tribe, but I don't wish you ill.
"No—I know. I just … expected you'd keep your distance. I'm glad you came. I didn't really get to thank you for helping me. You're the only reason I have my daughter. You gave me a second chance. I will never forget that."
I just thought I'd check up on you.
"Ah. Making sure I'm keeping to my word. You don't need to worry. I don't want to return to a place where my child isn't welcome."
How is your daughter doing?
"It was hard for Xal-Sisei—at first—with all the activity around here, but I have to work and I can't leave her home alone. The owner was kind to let me keep her with me.
She's doing much better now. I think being around people is helping."
Are you going to stay in Lilmoth?
"No. We need to be somewhere farther from the village. We need to look forward, not back. That's hard being so close to ….
We'll find somewhere to call home."
Safe travels.


  • It's possible Haxara's voice cannot be heard during the conversation with Iskenaaz and Kasa-Jas, but you'll see the subtitles if they're turned on.
  • As Haxara follows you through Blight Bog Sump, her instance that follows other players is named Chukka-Saak.