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Uncover abuse at a renowned school.
Zone: Auridon
Objective: College of Aldmeri Propriety — Investigate what's happening at the college.
Quest Giver: Baham
Location(s): College of Aldmeri Propriety, Saltspray Cave
Reward: Thalmor Helm
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
I've arrived at a place called The College of Aldmeri Propriety. One of the students claims this Thalmor training ground is a place of hardship and abuse. She's asked me to investigate.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Tanion
  2. Observe Khajiit and Bosmer classrooms
  3. Spar with Proctors (4)
  4. Talk to Tanion
  5. Talk to Baham
  6. Give medical supplies to students (2)
  7. Talk to Baham
  8. Meet with Zaban
  9. Talk to Baham
  10. Go to Saltspray Cave
  11. Defeat Tanion
  12. Talk to Ilara
  13. Return to the College
  14. Talk to Baham

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Harsh Lesson
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Baham told me to begin my investigation by talking to Tanion, the headmaster of the college. I imagine I could also ask Baham some follow-up questions as well.
Objective: Talk to Tanion
Tanion asked that I observe two classes within the college's main school building.
Objective: Observe Khajiit Classroom
Objective Hint: Talk to Ilara
Objective: Observe Bosmer Classroom
Objective Hint: Talk to Borchon
After observing the classes, Tanion asked that I also spar with some of his proctors outside the school building.
Objective: Spar with Proctors: 0/4
I had a chance to look around and see the abusive conditions first hand. Time to talk to Tanion again.
Objective: Talk to Tanion
Baham came running up, saying she could show me the real version of the college.
Objective: Talk to Baham
Baham tells me that students at the college aren't treated after they're beaten. She asked me to get some bandages from a student named Nurad and distribute them.
Objective: Give Healing Supplies to Students: 0/2
Objective Hint: Get Healing Supplies from Nurad
Objective Hint: Give Healing Supplies to Brinthir
Objective Hint: Give Healing Supplies to Thalorel
I distributed the bandages and healing supplies Nurad gave me. Time to speak to Baham again.
Objective: Talk to Baham
Baham reports that the instructors took their friend Ilara. She wants me to talk to the Baandari trader, Zaban, about arming the students while she gathers aid to take back the school.
Objective: Meet with Zaban
Baham came running up with some of her fellow students. I should speak to her again.
Objective: Talk to Baham
Baham asked that I rescue Ilara from the Saltspray Cave. I should go there.
Objective: Go to Saltspray Cave
I need to fight my way through Saltspray Cave in order to find and save Ilara.
Objective: Defeat Tanion
I defeated Tanion and saved Ilara. I should talk to her to make sure she's all right.
Objective: Talk to Ilara
Ilara is safe. I should leave Saltspray Cave and report back to Baham.
Objective: Return to the College
☑Finishes quest I should report back to Baham outside of Saltspray Cave.
Objective: Talk to Baham
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