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Achievement Furnisher
Location Lilmoth
Store High-End Furnishings
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Achievement Furnisher

Harnwulf is a Nord achievement furnisher who can be found in the Lilmoth at the High-End Furnishings along with his colleague, the Home Goods Furnisher Adosa Veralor.


  • "I'm in the business of heroes. Not training them or nothing, but rather rewarding them. The more deeds you accomplish, the more furniture will become available to you."
  • "You hero types always seem busy, rushing off to the next great adventure. Take time to celebrate your victories! Perhaps with some new furniture, ja?"
  • "I have a small selection of furniture available for you to look at. Want a larger selection? Accomplish more great deeds!"
  • "?"

Furnishings for Sale[edit]

Image Name Type Cost Achievement Description
ON-item-furnishing-Look Upon Their Nothing Eyes.jpg Look Upon Their Nothing Eyes Literature 0001500015,000 Gold Achievement: Poems of Nothing
A carefully transcribed collection of all five of Nisswo Xeewulm's cryptic works on the nature of Sithis.
ON-item-furnishing-Argon Pedestal, Replica.jpg Argon Pedestal, Replica Undercroft
(Sacred Pieces)
0001500015,000 Gold Achievement: The River of Rebirth
This decorative pedestal is perfectly suited for displaying a Remnant of Argon replica.
ON-item-furnishing-Banner, Bright-Throat.jpg Banner, Bright-Throat Parlor
0001000010,000 Gold Achievement: The Progeny
The Bright-Throat tribal banner always serves as an invitation to warm welcomes, bizarre meals, and honest trade.
ON-item-furnishing-Banner, Dead-Water.jpg Banner, Dead-Water Parlor
0001000010,000 Gold Achievement: Cold-Blood, Warm Heart
This Naga battle-standard features the Dead-Water Tribe's frightful iconography, emblazoned on a wamasu skin. At least, you hope it's a wamasu skin.
ON-item-furnishing-Banner, Root-Whisper.jpg Banner, Root-Whisper Parlor
0001000010,000 Gold Achievement: Resplendent Rootmender
The freshly-painted symbols on this banner fill even the most cynical heart with hope and optimism for the Root-Whisper Tribe's future.
ON-item-furnishing-Grave-Stake, Small Glyphed.jpg Grave-Stake, Small Glyphed Undercroft
(Grave Goods)
000050005,000 Gold Achievement: Surreptitiously Shadowed
The face of this paddle-like grave-stake features hundreds of ornate carvings—all of which tell the tale of a fallen Argonian warrior.
ON-item-furnishing-Murkmire Totem, Stone Head.jpg Murkmire Totem, Stone Head Courtyard
0001200012,000 Gold Quest: Art of the Nisswo
Heroes seeking a stark reminder of the grim and relentless nature of time need only gaze at this ancient statue for a moment or two.
ON-item-furnishing-Remnant of Argon, Replica.jpg Remnant of Argon, Replica Undercroft
(Sacred Pieces)
0007500075,000 Gold Achievement: The River of Rebirth
Bright-Throat elders contend that the turtle is a powerful and unruly totem—one that sees both the very old and the very new with perfect clarity.
ON-item-furnishing-Seed Doll, Turtle.jpg Seed Doll, Turtle Undercroft
(Sacred Pieces)
0002000020,000 Gold Achievement: Sap-Sleeper
Bright-Throat elders contend that the turtle is a powerful and unruly totem—one that sees both the very old and the very new with perfect clarity.
ON-item-furnishing-Timid Vine-Tongue.jpg Timid Vine-Tongue Conservatory
0004000040,000 Gold Achievement: Vine-Tongue Traveler
Note: Unlike Vine-Tongues found in the wild, this one is not functional and will not respond to Fire Rocks.
Unlike its wild brethren, this peculiar specimen seems content to quietly bask in the sun, rather than brutally dismembering every living thing within a dozen paces.