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Home City Rimmen
House Hadamnargo's Farmhouse
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Hadamnargo is a Khajiit found at his farmhouse near Rimmen. He'll be outside his house consoling his horse who is worried about their pet guar, Gordon.

Related Quests[edit]


When you approach him, you may hear him talk to his horse.

"Don't be sad, horse friend. Gordon will come home soon."

He will be enthusiastic about his lifestyle, though there is a pest problem that needs to be dealt with:

"This is the life, yes? The sun beating on your shirtless fur. The sweet smell of moon-sugar cane wafting through your whiskers. It doesn't get any better than this, walker.
Everything would be perfect if it weren't for those meddling pests."
You have a pest problem?
"Hadamnargo prefers to remain positive, so he thinks of it as more of a pest opportunity. Wasps are nesting in his fields, but he can't get rid of them because he's busy consoling his horse over our lost guar, Gordon.
This is a very sensitive horse."
You lost your guar?
"He has a name, friend. His name is Gordon the Guar.
He ran off, and Hadamnargo has had no luck luring him back. Gordon and the horse are very close. They often spend hours just staring at each other. It's a bit strange, but Hadamnargo doesn't judge."
I'll get rid of the wasps in your fields, and find Gordon the Guar.
"Thanks for your help getting rid of the wasps in the fields and finding my lost guar.
If Hadamnargo's horse wasn't so sad and knew how to talk, he would thank you, too."
Tell me about your horse.
"He's sad about Gordon, but he's usually a happy horse. The Imperials brought them during their integration, and we've adapted a few breeds for labor.
I think he likes working on the farm, and we like having him around. Especially Gordon."
Do you like living alongside the Euraxians?
"Hadamnargo doesn't give them much thought. We've been sharing Rimmen with them for a very long time, and will probably share it with them for much longer.
As long as they leave Hadamnargo alone and don't tell him to put a shirt on, it will be fine."
How should I get rid of the wasps?
"Kill them with fire!
Hadamnargo is serious, walker. He loves his horse, and he's fairly fond of Gordon, but those meddling wasps can burn."
Why did you name your guar Gordon?
"Because he looks like a Gordon. I'm sure you'll agree when you see his face."

Return to Hadamnargo after locating Gordon.

"You got rid of the wasps and you found Gordon! Hadamnargo can't tell you how happy this makes his horse.
Did you run into any trouble?"
I met Sanzagh. He told me to tell you that these fields belong to him.
"Ah, Sanzagh. We established this farm together, but things got strange when Hadamnargo bought his horse. I think he was jealous, but I never felt comfortable riding on something that talked back.
Please accept this gift for everything you've done."

If you speak with him again, he will ask you to visit again.

"Come back and visit us again sometime, friend. Hadamnargo can tell that Gordon really likes you."