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Home City Elden Root
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Glanongor is a Bosmer found in the city of Elden Root. His conversation can be overheard, but he cannot be directly interacted with.


You can occasionally overhear him talk to Enduinas.

Glanongor: "Pirates? In Haven? General Endare's Jade Dragoons would throw them into the sea!"
Enduinas: "If she was there! But they marched out, left the city completely undefended!"
Glanongor: "General Endare is a hero. There's no way she'd abandon Haven to pirates."

Once Haven has been freed:

Glanongor: "Haven is free of pirates. Looks like General Endare kicked them out!"
Enduinas: "How do you know? Were you there? I heard she had nothing to do with it."
Glanongor: "This is about Cormount, isn't it? Don't blame her because you backed the wrong side."
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