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Return a glowing axe to its previous owner.
Zone: Greenshade
Quest Giver: Backpack
Location(s): Gurzag's Mine, Marbruk
Reward: Redeemed Hand Axe
Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Low
I found an odd, glowing handaxe in a pack at the bottom of Gurzag's Mine. A note of sale indicated a Bosmer named Forthor sold it to the Orcs. He's part of the Marbruk Mages Guild.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Search the backpack.
  2. Find Forthor at the Marbruk Mages Guild.
  3. Watch Forthor disenchant the axe, and claim it as your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

To begin this quest, you must locate the backpack in Gurzag's Mine. The backpack is located in the large room in the north-east of the mine. Interact with the backpack to find the axe inside it (which exhibits a strange, purple glow). The note indicates the axe belonged to Forthor in the Marbruk Mages Guild. You must now take the axe to the mages guild. Exit the delve and head to Marbruk.

Once you are in Marbruk, go inside the Mages Guild. Forthor is upstairs, so you must go through one of the four doors inside to take the stairs, and then head back inside. Talk to Forthor and try to give him back his axe; he is alarmed, as he cursed the axe and gave it to the Wood Orcs to try to wipe them out. Thankfully, now the Wood Orcs are gone, he can simply remove the enchantment and give the axe to you. Watch as he performs a ritual to remove the curse from the axe, and then speak to him again to finish the quest and claim the Redeemed Hand Axe and some leveled gold.


  • The quest stage telling you to go to Marbruk may update in Woodhearth instead.
  • There is a skyshard in the delve near the backpack; make sure to claim the skyshard while you are in the delve.

Quest Stages[edit]

Forthor's Cursed Axe
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The Orcs are all dead or missing. I should return the axe to Forthor.
Objective: Go to Marbruk
I've reached Marbruk. I should look for Forthor and return his axe.
Objective: Talk to Forthor
Forthor promised to remove the curse from the axe for me. I must wait for him to do this.
Objective: Watch Forthor Remove the Curse
☑Finishes quest Forthor removed the axe's curse. I should talk to him one more time.
Objective: Talk to Forthor