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ON-icon-achievement-Five Finger Discount.png Five Finger Discount
Type Thieves Guild Achievements
Points 5
Successfully pick pockets at each of the four most popular shops in Abah's Landing.

Five Finger Discount is awarded for successfully pickpocketing at least one person in each of four shops in Abah's Landing. There's always a danger when pickpocketing indoors because if you are caught, your target may attack you, which can make it difficult to escape from the building because you cannot use a door while in combat. It's a good idea to plan out multiple routes of escape. In particular, upstairs exits tend to be more valuable because it's easier to evade the guards on the rooftops of the city. The shops in question are:

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Store Justice NPCs
Leaping Frog Sundries
The Serpent and the Senche
Hew's Mane
This One Sells Glyphs
Many of these NPCs may be found in the courtyard outside Hew's Mane, but some of them tend to wander around the marketplace. A successful theft is only counted if they are within the grounds of the tavern at the time.