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Home Settlement Alten Corimont
Race Argonian Gender Male
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Easy Profession Fisher

Fish-Whispers is an Argonian found in the port town of Alten Corimont. He can be found along the road leading towards the tunnel that brings you to the Forsaken Hamlet.


After helping Captain One-Eye:

"The waters will clear soon, now that you've fixed whatever troubled Alten Corimont.
It's a sign."
Sign of what?
"Everything is a sign! The way a shadow falls, the taste of food, the smell of decay …. Signs, if one can decipher them.
Take the ruins across the water. Once, they dominated the landscape, but now they're broken bits of rock. It's a sign."
What's in the ruins?
"I've never been inside, but its energy flows through the rocks. It hums, like a wasp. To me, that's a sign I should stay out. To others, it could be a sign of welcome.
That's the thing with signs. Everyone is free to interpret them their own way."
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