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Fighters Guild
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Aldmeri Dominion
The Marbruk Fighters Guild

This Fighters Guild is the Marbruk branch of the Fighters Guild. It is a two-story building which houses a woodworker and a weaponsmith services on the ground floor. The hall steward can be found near fire pit in the middle of the hall. There is a resting area upstairs with four bunk beds. There are quite a few containers around the guildhall that can contain either provisioning or alchemical ingredients. If you look closely, you will find numerous weapons and pieces of armor scattered around the building, leveled and free to take. Nithiel and several Marbruk soldiers train in the outdoor area which contains an archery range and several training dummies.

Three skill books can be read in the guildhall: The Source of the Bone on Bow, Precepts of Stendarr on Destruction Staff and Rituals of the Harmonious Masters on Templar class skills.

Related Quests[edit]

Residents and Merchants[edit]

  • Drivas' Wealth of Blades — A weaponsmith stall run by Drivas. Weaponsmith
  • Tarak's Tools to Kill — A woodworker stall run by Tarak. Woodworker

* This person can be encountered here only during the related quest.

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