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Factotum Analyst
Location Vale of Tiers, Clockwork City
Race Factotum Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
A Factotum Analyst

Factotum Analysts are hostile Factotums found around the Vale of Tiers. They are first generation and perform that menial task of analyzing and interpreting social and environmental data satisfactorily.

Related Quests[edit]


Factotum Analyst : "Factotum beacon activated. Initiating security protocols."

If you read Kamid's mother's journal, you'll be able to reactivate one of them. If you interact with it, you'll get the message "<The factotum stands perfectly still, as if awaiting a command.>" You'll then have the following dialogue options:

"<The factotum doesn't respond to your request.>"
Wake up and talk to me.
"<The factotum doesn't respond to your request.>"
Magus commands you.
"Reflecting … reflecting … memory engaged.
Gathering data …. The Brass Fortress. Beginning evaluation and analysis …. By Seht's will, please state your query."
What are you?
"Dreaming …. Scrib jelly. A rainy day …. I am a first generation analysis model factotum, specializing in gathering and analyzing data for and about the citizens of the Brass Fortress.
My gears continue to spin true."
What data do you gather?
"We count the number of people residing within the Brass Fortress, tracking births, deaths, illnesses, relative wealth and poverty … all with the purpose of evaluating and predicting social trends and growth within Lord Seht's creation."
' So, you use the data to tell fortunes?"
"Intriguing query …. That is one interpretation of our analytical capability.
The ongoing purpose of collecting and analyzing such information is to provide Sotha Sil with the data he needs to improve the lives of his subjects."
And when was the last time Sotha Sil made such improvements?
"Query … reflecting … reflecting …. That information is currently unavailable.
Please return to the Brass Fortress and seek out a Clockwork Apostle for further assistance in this matter."
Can you tell me my fortune?
"Beginning analysis to chart possible outcomes …. No relevant data in memory vaults …. Error, error.
No pronouncements can be furnished without statistics to analyze. Please present yourself to a Clockwork Apostle for immediate data collection."