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Home City Rawl'kha
Location The Waxing Crescent
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Elonde is an Altmer who can be found at The Waxing Crescent in Rawl'kha. He's in the western lower floor room having a drink by himself. He cannot be spoken to.


Before you have cleared Fort Sphinxmoth, every so often Elonde will say the following:

Elonde: "Have you heard? Some bandits looted a temple of Arkay in Cyrodiil."
Elonde: "Word is they're holed up in Fort Sphinxmoth, far to the north."
Elonde: "Not surprising, really. With the fighting in Cyrodiil, the Imperials eat each other alive."

Once you've cleared Fort Sphinxmoth, Elonde will say:

Elonde: "You remember those bandits? The ones in the fort?"
Elonde: "Someone came through and rousted them out. Returned the artifacts to the Arkay clergy."
Elonde: "Impressive, I guess. I think I could have done it! If I wasn't so busy."


  • Due to the wording of Elonde's one-sided conversation, it's possible he was meant to be talking to another character that has been removed. Or possibly Nethrin, who does not respond to him.