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Elder Seven-Bellies
Home Settlement Lukiul Uxith
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Elder Seven-Bellies

Elder Seven-Bellies is the leader of the settlement of Lukiul Uxith. He is protective of his sister, Pash-Riha.

Related Quests[edit]


Hunting Invaders[edit]

Starting the quest through Chitakus:

"Brave traveler, I extend the spine of welcome to you. What brings you to our little village?"
I heard you had some trouble with the Covenant.
"That is old news. I have a greater worry."
What's that?
"Pash-Riha. My crazy sister.
We repelled a Covenant attack. Afterwards, Pash-Riha chased their leader to the northwest. Could you find her? If she is dead, could you draag her corpse back to town?"
I'll look for her.

Starting the quest through Elder Seven-Bellies:

"You look brave and wise. What is your name?"
"That is a good name you have.
So, Well-Named, would you like to help me with a problem?"
What's the problem?
"Pash-Riha, my sister. She is crazy.
Not long ago, we repelled a Covenant attack. She chased their leader to the northwest. Would you look for her? If you find her slain, could you drag her corpse back to town?"
I'll look for her.
"You are kind. I don't think every sister tests her brother this way, but it has always been so with me and Pash-Riha."
How did this small village repel a Covenant attack?
"Our home taught us to survive.
Everything in Black Marsh tries to eat us. When something bites us, we bite back harder."

Quest turn-in:

"Meejapa mentioned that you fought a monstrous Orc."
Borolg is dead.
"This news is good. I wish it broke through my gloom.
Pash-Riha has yet to return. My scales should be thickened with dread by now, but they are not."

A Storm Broken[edit]

"My sister has yet to return to town.
She's lusting for violence. There is poison in her head."
Your sister is still hunting the Covenant lieutenant.
"Yes, she was seen recently.
Pash-RIha is like a storm: unpredictable and violent. I fear one day she will break."
Where was she last seen?
"Southwest of here. Could you try to find her again?
She worries me, but I must see to the town's defenses."
I'll find her, Elder.
"Please find my sister, landstrider.
And if it's in your power, see that she returns alive."

After Pash-Riha returns home, before turning in the quest:

"She's alive and at home, at least for now.
And for now, that is all I can ask."

After the quest:

"My sister is home safe because of you. More than that, you doused the flame in her head.
She will always have fire, but she will no longer burn. She will control it."