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Eerika Skjoralmor
Location Falkreath Hold
Race Nord Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Eerika Skjoralmor is a Nord warrior and the daughter of Jarl Skjoralmor who rules over Falkreath Hold.

Related Quests[edit]


She can be first heard rallying her fellow Nords to help take out the Siege Mammoth.

During the fight with the Siege Mammoth
"No mercy! Take ten Reach-dogs for every true blooded Nord!"
Eerika Skjoralmor: "Keep those arrows off our reinforcements!"
Eerika Skjoralmor: "Step foot in Falkreath and we'll bury you here, Reach-scum!"
Eerika Skjoralmor: "It tiring! Deliver the death blow!" (When the Mammoth is almost dead.)
Eerika Skjoralmor: "The beast's down! Unbar the gate! Quickly! Let our friends inside!" (Upon the Mammoth's death.)
In Falkreth Hold
Eerika Skjoralmor: "Gurund didn't send you lot down from Sovngarde, I hope. We owe you."


Eerika Skjoralmor: "Torik, prepare them for what's to come. Stuhn watch over you"
Torik: "Yes, my thane!"
Eerika Skjoralmor: "The east and north gates won't hold much longer. I'll lead our people to safety. Buy me time. We'll fall back to the Halls of the Dead."

While moving further into the hold, the following conversation can be heard.

Vanskyr: "I won't leave my home to burn! I can fight!"
Eerika Skjoralmor: "You can be slaughtered here, or make your stand with me at the Hall of the Dead. Choose."
Vanskyr: "Wait! I'm with you."

When in the Halls of the Dead, Eerika can be spoken to: Not sure what is said here before Falkreath's Demise is completed.

After Domihaus the Bloody-Horned's death

Once Domihaus the Bloody-Horned is killed, Eerika will run in with some of the survivors to check on her father.

Eerika Skjoralmor: "Father!"

Eerika can be spoken to to complete Falkreath's Demise:

"I—I'm sure you did all you could...I just wish I'd been by his side before the end.
These Reachmen are retreating. We've broken the siege, thanks to you."
I couldn't stand by and do nothing.
"This was not your fight, but you chose to take it up when things were most hopeless, and turned our darkest hour into a victory. If that isn't the work of the Divines, I don't know what is."

Eerika will then realize that she is now Jarl of Falkreath:

Eerika Skjoralmor: "My father...Jark Skjoralmor is dead, but Falkreath lives another day."
Torik: "And so it shall so long as you stand for it, my Jarl."
Eerika Skjoralmor: "Jarl? So I am...."
"Then let it be known on this day that these warriors stand as my Thanes and their deeds shall be sung in my realm for generations to come."
Torik: "Love live Jarl Skjoralmor! Long live the saviors of Falkreath!"
Citizen: "Hah!"

Jarl Eerika can then be spoken to:

"Falkreath endures another day. We'll honor your deeds here for years to come. You are always welcome in this hold."
What will you do now?
"Shore up our defenses, lick our wounds, bury our dead. I can hope that we've seen the last of those beasts for awhile, but I won't leave it to chance.
If I can convince our neighboring holds to lend their aid, Falkreath will recover, if slowly."
What's being a Thane entail, exactly?
"It is to enjoy the respect and hospitality of all Falkreath's people, and to call this place home whenever you return.
I'm afraid I have no land and servants to bestow upon you at this time. When the city is made whole, I will do right by you."
I'm sorry about your father.
"Thank you...though you may be the only one to say so sincerely. Many will offer their condolences and kind words out of respect for me, but my father was not a well-loved Jarl.
I hope to set a better example."



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