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Drakeeh the Unchained's Journal, Page 12
Notes on the history of the Blackguards

For too long we fought with only our egg-siblings alongside us. Warriors of merit, yes, but few in number. Our power was limited, our scope miniscule; forced to crawl along the shadows like insects. We had degraded to become nothing more than bandits. A hindrance, nothing more.

It was I that saw the wisdom in change. To grow our numbers, to grow our influence, we needed allies. I allowed dryskins into our ranks, inviting them to add their strength to ours. And so the Blackguards grew, like a mighty storm, like a crashing wave.

But many clouded eyes looked out among our ranks. They questioned my leadership, blinded as they were by the old ways. They cried out in angry voices, rising louder and louder. I looked upon them calmly, for Sithis has taught me that change always leads to chaos, just as chaos leads to blood.

And so my gauntlet was born. Any who questioned my decision would have their chance to test the combat prowess of our dryskin allies. And the very few who were able to succeed in such a challenge? They would face me. After all, it was my orders that they were questioning, my strength as a leader.

Like Sithis before me, I became both destroyer and creator, slaughtering those who questioned and strengthening all who followed. And thus was the rebirth of the Blackguards.