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Defender Israhal
Location Volenfell
Race Redguard Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Defender Israhal

Defender Israhal is a Redguard bodyguard found hiding behind a pillar in Volenfell. She is part of Tharayya's expedition with Defender Fadanah, and does not have any specific dialogue at that point. During the quest, he will accompany Tharayya throughout the Volenfell until reaching the Eye's Chamber, where he will die fighting off mummies and skeletons.



During Blood and Sand he and Fadanah will hold off the dead while you and Tharayya escape.

Defender Israhal: "Get out of here! Follow Tharayya—I'll cover your escape!"


  • Since the guards are radiantly spawned in, it is possible that there can be two copies of Israhal in the same instance, or he may also not be present at all.