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Home City Davon's Watch
Location Eastmarch
Race Argonian Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Soldier

Darasken is an Argonian soldier found in the city of Davon's Watch. Occasionally he will converse with Erila Morvayn.


Darasken: "You ever think we'll have peace in Cyrodiil?"
Erila Morvayn: "I hope not. Strife keeps our culture strong."
Darasken: "Huh. Ever served on the front lines?"
Erila Morvayn: "By the Three, no. That's for lowborn like you. No offense."
Erila Morvayn: "What's your opinion of the Fighters Guild, soldier?"
Darasken: "I've never had a problem with them."
Erila Morvayn: "You don't regard them as upstart amateurs?"
Darasken: "The guild is apolitical, not unprofessional."
Darasken: "I'd love to get that sword at Riidras Avani's store."
Erila Morvayn: "What's stopping you?"
Darasken: "Can't afford it. Maybe someday."
Erila Morvayn: "Being lowborn must be awful. I couldn't stand it."