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Constable Drados
Home City Brass Fortress
Location In front of the Chancel of Transaction.
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Clockwork Apostles
Constable Drados

Constable Drados is a Dunmer Apostle shooing away crows from the statue of Sotha Sil in the Brass Fortress' square during the related quest.

Related Quests[edit]


Constable Drados: "Go on, get out of here!"
Knave of Rooks: "We go where we please, wingless! Go away, or we peck out your eyes!"
Jongleur of Filches: "Eyes! Sweet, juicy eyes!"
Squire Peck: "Such flavor!"
Jongleur of Filches: "Tender bits!"
Constable Drados: "Vile beasts..."
"Come to gawk at the birds? Just keep those heels spring-loaed, friendly.
The big one there nearly pecked an apostle's ear off. She said it was due for a replacement anyway, but even so... I'm sure it didn't tickle."
I need to ask the crows something.
"Ha! Well... may Sotha Sil bless your attempt.
Honestly, if you got them to stop bickering and babbling for even a moment, I'd probably slip a spring."
Do you know where I can find more of the crows?
"Other than everywhere? The loudest gather around a tree just outside the basilica. I assume those are the ones you're after.
Now, listen. They'll demand some kind of ridiculous tribute, I guarantee it. Don't do anything stupid, all right?"
All right. Thank you.

You can talk to the constable again,

"I pity the factotum that has to clean His holy likeness up there. I've never seen so many droppings in one place."
Have you ever seen something like this before?
"What? Like the birds? No.
We did have a skeevaton infestation once. Someone left the fabricator running and it spewed out thousands and thousands of the things. The apostles deployed clockwork cats to catch them, but then we had too many cats..."
So someone sent out clockwork hounds?
"Exactly. By the time Sotha Sil caught wind of it, the Fortress was packed full of wind-up bears and motorized tigers. Quite a scene.
The Clockwork God destroyed all of them... except the skeevatons. I like to think he has a sense of humor."

After speaking to the Knave of Rooks, you need a tribute; a specific item belonging to Constable Drados. You can either steal it or talk to him about it.

"Look who's back. Just couldn't turn the key with those birds, eh? Don't be too hard on yourself. At least you've still got all your fingers."
Actually, they agreed to talk. But they want something of yours as tribute. A silver treasure.
"I told you they'd ask for something.
A silver treasure...? Of course. They want my canteen. Ha! Those daffy birds sent you after a pewter canteen? Well, they can't have it. Sorry, mate, but I'm not about to give those scavengers anything."
[Persuade] If I can talk to the crow's leader, I might be able to get them to leave for good.
"Fine. But this had better work.
If these vermin are still filching our tools and tableware in a week's time, I'll know who to blame."
Do you really need that canteen?
"No, of course not. But the satisfaction I get from making sure those morons never get what they want? That's priceless.
Now that I know they want it, I think I'll toss it in my junk-chest back in the Cloisters. That'll show them!"

Speaking to him after persuading him will have him say,

"My wife gave me that canteen, you know. Lucky for you, I hate my wife."'