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Clockwork Registrar
Home City Brass Fortress
Location Chancel of Records
Race Factotum Gender
Reaction Friendly
Clockwork Registrar

The Clockwork Registrar is a Factotum found in the Chancel of Records in the Brass Fortress.

Related Quests[edit]


"By the word, I wind the gears. Please state your business or depart."
What are you exactly?
"I am a factotum—a mechanized servitor automaton, bound to the Clockwork City.
My functions include city maintenance, record-keeping, commerce, hospitality, and basic civil defense."
How many factotums exist in the City?
"Just a moment.
Current inventory of seventh-generation factotums equals nine hundred forty-six active partitions, with an additional six thousand four hundred partitions stored in Cogitum archives."
Seventh generation?
"Lord Seht revises factotum source material and partition frames regularly. Six generations preceded the current model.
All additional information pertaining to factotum source material and fabrication is restricted. Thank you for your interest."

Quest-Related Events[edit]

In Search of a Sponsor[edit]

"By the word, I wind the gears. Please state your business or depart."
I'm here to register as a citizen.
"Welcome, potential resident.
Please speak your birth-name, followed by the name of your sponsor."
[Player Name]. Provost Varnui Arvel.
"Dreaming... Torchbugs. Overturned jar.
Sponsorship confirmed and archived. The Light of Knowledge, Sotha Sil, welcomes you to the Brass Fortress. Go forth and create."

You can then ask the factotum about its manner of speech:

What was that about torchbugs?
"Recalling previous statements … Match for query, torchbug, found.
Please disregard all references to torchbug. Accessing tier-two city functions and records often results in inconsequential verbal artifacts. I apologize for the inconvenience."
So … you weren't actually dreaming?
"Evaluating query. Query assessment complete.
I'm sorry, but I'm unable to comment on statements categorized as theoretical. A wealth of information pertaining to matters theoretical can be found in the city archivox."

The Registrar's Request[edit]

dialogue needed