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Champions of the Blessed Crucible
A record of the Champions of the Blessed Crucible

Aleris the Shroud

Aleris, the first Champion of the Blessed Crucible, held that title for four decades. She was renowned for her skill with illusion magic and her deft swordplay. Few were able to match her skill in the arena or her favor with the crowd.

Usurped: None

Defeated By: Crow Bringer

Crow Bringer

Crow Bringer was said to possess the powers of the Hagravens, allowing him to transform into a murder of crows and attack his foes from a hundred directions at once. It was perhaps inevitable that his reign as Champion would be cut short by one who utilized the powers of light. When Crow Bringer used his transformation powers against Hagrof the Righteous, a blinding light incinerated the crow forms, leaving nothing in their place but the Brimstone Crown itself.

Usurped: Aleris the Shroud

Defeated By: Hagrof the Righteous

Hagrof the Righteous

As Champion, Hagrof was known for his honor, humility, and respect for his fellow gladiators. He was known to honor his vanquished foes with proper burials in accordance with the customs of their people. When he was finally defeated, after staggering to the center of the arena, bleeding from a hundred wounds, it is said that the gladiators of every race stood in silent salute, then carried his body to an ancient pyre and gave him a funeral worthy of a Nord king.

Usurped: Crow Bringer

Defeated By: The Thousand Arrows

The Thousand Arrows

The Thousand Arrows was a Champion shrouded in mystery. She entered the tournament alone, yet she bested all the other gladiators with skill and precision, and did not suffer a single wound herself. After Hagrof the Righteous fell, The Thousand Arrows remained in seclusion, only emerging when a new challenger entered the arena. Her favored weapon was a bow equipped with poison-tipped arrows. The poison itself was from a recipe of her own devising. The slightest scratch could fell the largest opponent in seconds. She took this recipe to her grave, and its precise ingredients are hotly debated by alchemists all across Tamriel to this day.

Usurped: Hagrof the Righteous

Defeated By: Lucius the Stalwart

Lucius the Stalwart

Lucius the Stalwart was the protege of a former Champion, Hagrof the Righteous. Lucius was a scholar who came to the Blessed Crucible after he was hired to write Hagrof's legacy. The volume was unfinished when Hagrof was defeated, and the loss of his mentor sent Lucius into a rage. Swearing to avenge him, Lucius trained for decades in an attempt to master Hagrof's skills, all the while building up an immunity to The Thousand Arrow's poison. The fight between Lucius and The Thousand Arrows was long and bloody. In the end, Lucius' ability to withstand the poison allowed him to claim victory, but the process left him permanently weakened. A year later, a challenger named Whitebear appeared. In his weakened state, Lucius was no match for him. As his life's blood drained from his crumpled body, it is said that Lucius welcomed his death, as Hagrof had been avenged and was awaiting his loyal servant in Sovngarde.

Usurped: The Thousand Arrows

Defeated By: Whitebear


Whitebear was the founder of the first organized gladiator clan, the Bear Clan, a group comprised mainly of Nords. Since its founding, other renowned gladiators began to form their own clans, and thus the tradition of competing in organized groups was born. Curiously, despite the fact that they train, sleep, and live together, when clan members face one another in the arena, they will often fight harder, and offer no quarter to their fellow clansmen. For this is the sacred tradition of the gladiators of the Blessed Crucible.

Usurped: Lucius the Stalwart

Defeated By: Ferian Darkstorm

Ferian Darkstorm

Ferian Darkstorm, also known as Ferian the Passive, reigned as Champion for a very short time. It is said that he grew soft and complacent once he was crowned Champion, and was known to fight only when severely criticized. His lack of willingness to defend his crown led to the first Gladiator Uprising, when prominent gladiator named Felhorn led his clan into the Arena to force Ferian's hand. Ferian eventually acceded to the pressure, lest he and all his guards be destroyed by the angry gladiators, but in the end, Ferian still fell under Felhorn's blade.

Usurped: Whitebear

Defeated By: Felhorn


Felhorn claimed the Brimstone Crown in the bloody revolt known as the Gladiator Uprising. He led an army into the Arena and demanded to fight the current Champion, Ferian Darkstorm. Ferian reluctantly agreed, and after a monumental fight, the former Champion was cleaved in two by Felhorn's enchanted sword. Humbled by his near defeat, Felhorn disbanded his army and took his seat as Champion of the Blessed Crucible. It was he who erected great monuments to Malacath within the arena.

Usurped: Ferian Darkstorm

Defeated By: Sanarel the Great

Sanarel the Great

Sanarel the Great reigned as Champion for nearly two centuries. His command of shield and blade were unmatched and his victories were swift and merciless. It was said that he carried a magical shield enchanted by Trinimac himself. This artifact had the power to blind his opponents, rendering them defenseless against his initial attacks. As his legend and his arrogance grew, favor with his patron deity waned, leading to his eventual defeat at the hand of the Lava Queen.

Usurped: Felhorn

Defeated By: The Lava Queen

The Lava Queen

The Lava Queen is the greatest Champion the Blessed Crucible has ever known. Her prowess in the Arena is unmatched, and she has ruled the Crucible for nearly four centuries. All challengers who have dared to face her in the Arena have been overwhelmed by her fiery magic, their bodies burned and charred beyond recognition. It is said that she exists purely for the Blessed Crucible, and the Crucible for her. Her mastery of the arena is so complete that the very ground shapes and molds itself to her will. To face her is to do battle with a living volcano of power and destruction.

Usurped: Sanarel the Great

Defeated By: