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Free the souls of a merchant's slain guards.
Zone: Shadowfen
Quest Giver: Sia in Stillrise Village;
Daeril at The Vile Pavilion
Location(s): The Vile Pavilion
Reward: Worm Drain
Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 1318 XP
A trapped soul
Necromancers attacked a traveling merchant named Sia and her companion, Daeril. She escaped, but the Worm Cult captured her companion and their guards. [if taken from Sia]
A traveling merchant named Daeril fell prey to Worm Cult necromancers camped below Stillrise Village. His guards were killed, and their souls are now trapped in animus geodes throughout the cultists' camp. [if taken from Daeril]

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Daeril.
  2. Free the guards' souls from the animus geodes.
    1. Destroy Nerys' Animus Geode
    2. Destroy Liam's Animus Geode
    3. Destroy Gerren's Animus Geode
    4. Destroy Wilhem's Animus Geode
  3. Find Daeril near the village.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Speak to Sia at the northern edge of Stillrise Village to start the quest:

"Stop! Stay away!"
Calm down. I'm not going to hurt you.
"Who ... who are you? Thank the gods! You would not believe what I've seen here!
No, perhaps you would. Please, I need your help. You've got to save them!"
Save who?
"My guards and my partner, Daeril, were taken. Horrible men and skeletons attacked us ... I think they're members of the Worm Cult!
I got away, but I heard screams coming from their camp, just down the hill. Can you help me?"
I'll rescue them.

Head downhill to the camp, and fight your way through the Worm Cult necromancers. You'll find Daeril tied to a wooden post. Speak to him:

"Quick, untie me before they come back and put my soul into that horrid purple rock!"
What purple rock?
"I think the necromancers called it an 'animus geode.' Fancy name for an ugly purple stone used to steal someone's soul. Blessed Arkay, I watched them murder all four of my guards!"
What can I do?
"Nerys, Liam, Wilhem, and Gerren are still imprisoned in those animus geodes. But I overheard the necromancers say the geodes are fragile with spirits inside.
I'll make a break for it. You smash the geodes. Please, don't let them suffer such a fate!"
I'll set their souls free.

Daeril will run off. Fight your way around the camp and interact with each of the four filled geodes to destroy them. When a geode is destroyed, the spirit trapped inside will appear to you briefly and speak, before fading away. Once all four spirits are freed, return to Sia and Daeril, and speak to the latter to complete the quest:

"No, get away!
Oh, it's you. Did it work? Are they free?"
I've freed your guards.
"I feared those necromancers had captured you. Such a pity about our guards. They served us well, and never deserved such a fate.
I'm going to stay here until I'm sure it's safe to travel. Best of luck to you, my friend."

Quest Stages[edit]

Captive Souls
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
If Daeril is still alive, he's imprisoned somewhere in the necromancers' camp.
Objective: Talk to Daeril
I agreed to free the spirits of Daeril's slaim guards. They're trapped in "animus geodes" around the necromancers' camp.
Objective: Destroy Nerys' Animus Geode
Objective: Destroy Liam's Animus Geode
Objective: Destroy Wilhem's Animus Geode
Objective: Destroy Gerren's Animus Geode
☑Finishes quest Now that I've freed the guards from the animus geodes, I should look for Daeril on the hill near Stillrise Village.
Objective: Find Daeril Near Stillrise Village