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ON-icon-achievement-Breaker of Spells.png Breaker of Spells
Type Dragon Bones Achievements
Points 50
Needed for Scalecaller Peak Challenger
Title Plague of Peryite
Defeat Zaan the Scalecaller after reading Zaan's Ritual Scroll in Veteran Scalecaller Peak.

Breaker of Spells is awarded for completing the final battle in Veteran Scalecaller Peak after reading Zaan's Ritual Scroll, which will make the battle more difficult.

Hardmode adds several things to the fight:

  • A Leimenid add
  • A Frost Atronach add
  • An Orb of Stone
  • Zaan does more damage
  • Zaan's health is increased by approximately 1 million hit points
  • Zaan summons three Frozen Simulacrums that the players must defeat during blizzard phase instead of the usual two
  • Two or more party members cannot use the same poison aoe avoidance mechanic. What this means: If all four of your party members are standing in Spellbreaker's protection, three of you are going to die.

When Zaan calls to Peryite for aid, all 4 members of your group need to use a different avoidance mechanic. The Leimenid, Atronach and Orb that spawn in are required for this. If you kill the Orb, the Atronach, or the Leimenid before poison phase, you have guaranteed that one of your party members is going to die on poison phase.

  • The Frost Atronach provides the same freezing winds from the first Ogre boss that allow you to avoid the poison, just like how you avoided Orzun's snow tremors on the first boss.
  • The Orb of Stone petrifies you, protecting you from the poison spit by the statues.
  • The Leimenid will trap one of you in a geyser that will keep you from being hit by poison.
  • Only one person can stand within Spellbreaker's protective aoe.

Consult your group and assign each party member a mechanic to use before engaging Zaan. It is easiest to stick with one avoidance mechanic throughout the whole fight to make things easier on the group. Assign each party member a mechanic to use before engaging Zaan.