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Bosun Bones
Location The Lost Fleet
Race Skeleton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Bosun Bones

Bosun Bones is the talking skull of a skeleton found on a crate at the Lost Fleet. He was taken apart because he was considered to willful to be commanded. When you find his skull, he will ask you to build him a new body from the bones of other sailors.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Old Bones: Assemble a body for the talking skull of a sailor.


Approach the skull and talk to it.

"Would you do a mate a favor? I'd wager a meat-walker like you would like to put your hands on some treasure that ain't cursed. I could arrange that."
What would I have to do?
"Help me out of this mortifying predicament, mate. I'm too willful for the Admiral's crown to work on me, so he had me busted to bits and me bones thrown away.
And the only thing worse than being a living skeleton is being just a talking skull."
What do you need?
"Smash up some of these weak-willed swabs and bring me a new set of bones.
When I get back on me feet again I'll reward you handsome-like, with loot and all. What do you say, mate?"
I'll see what I can do.

When you have found a good set of bones from the broken bodies of the other undead you can return to the Bosun's skull.

"Got me new bones yet?"
I've got the bones you asked for.
"Quick work, mate!
Now pick up me skull, add it to the lot, and put the whole kit and kaboodle on the ground over there. I'll be doing the rest."
Very well.
Bosun Bones' new body

Once you put the bones and skull on the ground, the Bosun will put himself together.

"Aye, this'll do just fine."
So, about that treasure.
"I'm a skeleton of me word, so here, take this.
Now be off with ya. I got some vengeance to bestow on them what busted me up."

After receiving some gold and an axe, the Bosun will run off to deliver some revenge.

Bosun Bones: "Now you're in for it, you weak-willed swabs!"