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Home City Davon's Watch
Location Davon's Watch Market District
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Grocer

Black-Silk-Earth is an Argonian grocer who can be initially found resting next to her cart in the marketplace of Davon's Watch. Despite the good quality of her fruits and vegetables, only the poorest of the Dunmer will buy food picked by an Argonian, so she must sell them for next to nothing.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Ache For Cake: Gather ingredients for a special anniversary cake.


When you engage her in conversation, she will say: "Can I interest you in any of my wares, serjo?"
Point out that she seems troubled, which will elicit: "I would never complain, serjo. The Pact has ... done so much for us."
Prompt her to speak her mind, and she'll open up: "It's just ... it's not fair, serjo. Look at my cart. It has the finest fruits and vegetables in this land, but I must sell them for next to nothing. Only the poorest Elves will eat food picked by Argonians."
Ask why, and she will answer: "Because we're free now. But so many Dark Elves still see a slave when they look at one of us. They weren't so particular about who picked their food when our hands were shackled."