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Participate in a rabbit hunting contest.
Zone: Eastmarch
Quest Giver: Steady-Hand
Location(s): North of Fort Amol
Reward: Steady-Hand's Shot Brace
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: (?)
The Argonian Steady-Hand believes he's the best hunter in Eastmarch, better than any Nord or Dark Elf alive. He's challenged me to a hunting contest. If I can shoot a number of rabbits in one minute or catch the rabbit called Golden Jack, I win.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak with Steady-Hand north of Fort Amol along the banks of the river.
  2. Shoot 9 Darkwater Rabbits in one minute.
  3. Return to Steady-Hand for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

A Hunting Contest[edit]

Across the river to the north of Fort Amol, a group of hunters can be found. Steady-Hand boasts that he is the finest hunter in Eastmarch, and challenges you to beat his time by killing twelve rabbits in under a minute or to slay Golden Jack. No matter which option you decide to attempt, you will need to use a special Hunting Bow for your kills to count.

A Dozen Rabbits[edit]

If you choose to attempt the time trial, you will need to shoot the unique Darkwater Rabbits found nearby. The radius is quite large, extending west from Fort Amol's bridge to where the river bends north. The timing can be tight, and a bear may spawn nearby and interrupt your hunt. Due to their small size, the rabbits can be difficult to aim at; turning off grass display in the game options can alleviate this problem. Although the rabbits respawn relatively quickly, this quest becomes exceedingly difficult to complete in groups or while other players are attempting it. If you fail, return to Steady-Hand to try again.

Golden Jack[edit]

Golden Jack is a unique rabbit that runs a circuit around the hunting grounds. He is particularly fast, and can easily be identified by his golden aura. No matter how many times you shoot at Jack, he is impossible to hit. In order to kill him, you must speak to Vurila Llethan, who will offer you exploding arrows to use. After this, you must shoot a Darkwater Rabbit with the Hunting Bow when Golden Jack passes nearby.

Master Hunter[edit]

After completing either of the hunting challenges, return to Steady-Hand for your reward. He will begrudgingly award you with Steady-Hand's Shot Brace, along with gold and experience.

Quest Stages[edit]

Best of the Best
Finishes Quest Journal Entry